Mountain photos on a Saturday... just because

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Just a few original mountain photos from Asia on a Saturday... just because!

Sit back and enjoy!

My favourite and I like the sun under the clouds.

Big and beautiful... I like the clouds.

same as above, only different.

Hope you enjoyed this original photos!

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Wonderful mountains ❤ 🗻 @snowyknight! So vast and beautiful!
What is the elevation where you were taking the photos?
I see some distant boulders to the right in this last photograph! :-)

Thanks @shasta! ;)

Glad you stopped by... this photo was at 3500 m. Pretty high...

Hahaha, I like the boulders back there too... preview for #bouldersunday!

Majestic mountains! Very long range! In Russia?! Not the Himalayas!? No! It looks like Mongolia!

Thanks! Does look like Mongolia... very close... but in kyrgyzstan.... Yak country!

Oh! I cannot spell or pronounce this name!

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Wow, beautiful setting! Where is it?

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Thanks, glad you like it!

Central Asia... Kyrgyzstan! The third pole!

Don't know anything in Central Asia... should probably put in on my travel list too! ;)