Various plant leaves and flowers - Macro Photography

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Using my GH3 I took some pictures of plants I saw, some had flowers and others just had leaves. This post is a mix of different plants seen with my macro lens.

An Autumn fern can be seen in the first picture, I love how it has a copper like color to it. It becomes vibrant as the colors change from green to yellow.

Camera ModelLumix GH3
LensOlympus MSC ED M. 60mm Macro lens
Shutter Speed1/125 sec
Film Speed250
SpectrumVisual Light
Wavelength380 through 700 nanometers
LocationNorth Georgia USA.

A Hydrangea leaf, growing in the early spring. Fresh growth that just popped up this year.

Some Blueberries, once flowers now they are growing into fruit that will be ripe in a month or so.

Close up shots of the Cherry tree leaves. The red dots are scent gland on the plant that attracts bugs that will protect the tree from pests.. Ants and other insects are attracted to the glands smell.

Strawberry flowers, and the fuzzy leaves that are growing in the early spring.

An Akebia vine growing up the side of the house, it wraps itself around the other vines to have a stronger support to reach places it wants to get to.

Under the deck where its partly shaded a Hosta can be seen getting dappled sunlight through the deck.

Down at the base of the garden Mondo grass is also growing and can be seen poking up around the Hostas.

An Autumn fern again but at a different angle, its a young frawn growing but will become a large stem soon enough.

Spores on the back of the leaves of the ferns can be seen. They do not produce flowers or seeds so this is how they reproduce.

A Ghost fern with its purple and very light green colors. Its quite the unique color and im glad I am able to capture it while its growing and happy.

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