My photography art: "beautification of the ordinariness: blooming Gran Canaria" (original steemit content)steemCreated with Sketch.

in #photography5 years ago

To me Gran Canaria is like paradise because of it's colorful blooming flowers. Every day offers so much to discover. I'll take you on a trip on several photography art session which I called beautification of the ordinariness.

The sense behind it is to show the value and beauty in ordinary things which we usually do not recognize because of life keeping us busy and consuming. The most valuable things are for free but we continue forgetting about it.

All pictures were taken by me with Canon EOS 6D. Enjoy my original Steemit content. It's for the people - no matter how much it pays.

@steemokto for quality and original content on steemit. Enjoy.

Peace :-)