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Unusual view from Meloneras in my photography art session which I called beautification of the ordinariness.

The sense behind it is to show the value and beaty in ordinary things which we usually do not recognize because of lifekeeping us busy and consuming. The most valuable things are for free but we continue forgetting about it.

All pictures were taken by me with Canon EOS 6D. Enjoy my original Steemit content. It's for the people - no matter how much it pays

More of the Canaries will follow.

@steemokto for quality and original content on steemit.

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Who flags this post? It's original content. If you don't like it just don't vote, but don't flag!

Thanks for mentioning. I recognized already because you commented their posts. I flagged their stuff, too hoping to decrease their influence. I was just afraid that people just see my post with 50 % flags and flag it, too supposing that it must be plagiarism. Thanks for your support. I appreciate it and keep on supporting you as well.

I work Part-Time as Steemit-Attorney here, I see too many down votes everywhere.
My Job to help to stop before wild fire.
Best is to take them down every bit of their posts so they can't hurt others.

Good post, I think.

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I liked the first photo

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nice photo

Thank you :-)

@steemokto are you on the Canary Islands?
More pics please and take us on tours there.
Very beautiful island - what is there to do?

Yes. On Gran Canaria right now. I'm not a good writer but I'll do what I can. I really love the nature aspect so I'll give all steemers an impression of many plants and flowers. Best way to experience the island is by e-bike which even lets you discover the maintains. I'll take some pictures of things other than flowers as well ;)