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in #photography5 years ago

Yesterday was a great sky for a wonderful sunset in Gran Canaria. May the setting sun rise in those peoples' hearts who are in need.
All pictures were taken by me with Canon EOS 6D.

@steemokto for quality and original content on steemit. Enjoy.

Peace :-)


nice photos

Thanks. Expect some more from Gran Canaria :-)

Lovely sunset and beautifully captured. :-)

Thank you. As you can see I am more into arts and photography than writing travel reports. I believe it is the variety of skills and of all cultural backgrounds which brings the greatest value to steemit. Sharing my view on beatiful and peaceful things in this world motivates me. It is my belief in and enthusiasm for this community which drives my participation rather than wanting to earn money or to get rich. Good to hear that you appreciate my work. Maybe it will inspire you to travel there and report about it :-)

Awesome sunset photos !

Thanks a lot. Step by step more to come ;-)

I love winter and the rain right now but these made me miss the beach on a warm summer day.

I've never experienced this kind of weather in the winter before. If there was no winter and rain would you be able to enjoy the summertume that much? Contrasts enrich our lives and senses :-)

Beautiful. I hope to visit someday.

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