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in #photography5 years ago (edited)

Here's my last flower session from Gran Canaria. All pictures were taken by me with Canon EOS 6D. Enjoy.

@steemokto for quality and original content on steemit. Enjoy :-) 


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Well I thank you ;-) it's for the community. My share of peace and luck.

The last ones look like something I've seen. Quite sure but not 100%. :-)

They are not copied or reused. I just took those pictures a few days ago. You won't find them anyehere else. I got the .raw files so I can prove it's my original ;)

Sorry for confusion. I mean I have seem similar flowers like the last one and took pictures of the same type of flowers before.

Ok I got it. Thanks ;)

You're welcome

Thanks for sharing. These flowers are nice. Looking at flowers make me happy.

Thank you. Sharing flowers with people like you makes me happy, too :-)

You're most welcome

Where are you? Come back and post some more! 8-)