Sunset and evening mood - Sonnenuntergang und Abendstimmung

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I have just photographed the sunset and the evening mood

Enjoy every moment, because the moment is your life ...

At dawn, the day breaks out of the soul ...

A dream of colors says good bye, the night releases first powers, the sun makes the firmament, it seems as if the sky is burning...


Habe gerade den Sonnenuntergang und die Abendstimmung fotografiert

Genieße jeden Augenblick, denn der Augenblick ist dein Leben...

In der Dämmerung bricht der Tag aus der Seele...

Ein Traum von Farben sagt good bye, die Nacht setzt erste Kräfte frei, die Sonne schminkt das Firmament, es scheint als ob der Himmel brennt...

2019-06-01 21.24.30.jpg

2019-06-01 21.25.35.jpg

2019-06-01 21.25.48.jpg

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Hello dear @sternblitz.

Did you know that the term "Twilight" is used to describe the clarity of the sun both at sunrise and sunset?
I did not know.

These images that you show us are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

All best, Piotr.

Thank you @piotr

Dear @sternblitz


I just realized that I never actually thanked you for your reply. I really appreciate that you're so very responsive.

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Yes sure if my post is dealing with those issues i will send u a memo



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