My trip to Xiangshan, Taipei, the opinion of people and the city. 臺北

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I am glad to welcome you again to my blog. I joined steemit yesterday, here is introduceyourself , let's get acquainted!

                                 Share with me, in which country you've been made most welcome?

In next post I've talked a lot about the best sightseeing spots of Taipei, but now I'd like to mention one more thing, that I believe is even more important than all those gorgeous places. I'd like to praise the people of Taiwan. I've been to many places in Asia: China, Japan, Korea—and no matter if there is even any difference between culture or habits, i always felt really warm welcomed there. But in Taiwan I felt it even more. So friendly, so open, so helpful. All the people I met on my way were smiling to me, some even saying Good morning (And believe me, I looked weird: European looking girl, wearing t-shirt with Mikki Mouse shaped ice-cream, walking at 7 am to the hiking track, I'd just pass by this “trouble”). Surely I could mention more, but I think you believe me already. But if you are still not considering visiting this place, let me share with you my experience in the best restaurant of Taipei! Check the upcoming post and stories! Thank you for your attention, I like it here!

I'm following you here to visit the whole world through your updates. God bless you.

wow, you've made about 200 SBD in just a few days, that's like 1400 usd! Congratulations! I made about the same, it took me over a month. You're going to be rich. :)

Thanks for sharing! Did you go to all the places in Asia to travel or did you stay there for a longer period of time?

Hi, nice to see you again!
Usually issued time between flights, I did not live there, but I would very much like to.

nice post (today and yesterday.....)gift for You..

oh I am so stupid, hence your name :D

Nice job you have there to travel!

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.

Красивые фотографии!

Amazing view

Looks great! What a beautiful place

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I saw in a comment section that you were asking about someone delegating you steem power to help you out as a new user.

I'm new to the site, so I was interested in the conversation. Someone replied that if continue with the things you are posting, you'll earn more than enough Steem power. Judging by the amount you are earning with your first 3 posts, I agree with them. A lot of new people struggle to make what you have made, so congratulations.

I don't think you need to worry about getting more Steem power because...

  1. Travel is very popular, people like to live vicariously people who travel, or like to look at possible places to visits.

  2. You are young and pretty.

  3. You are able to create 3D art, and art seems to be a section that people want to help develop on Steem.

My point is, if you continue how your are you're probably going to have a lot of fun Steeming.

I'm guessing that you have a bit of an impatient streak, and are ambitious. So, I'm just here to agree with the person who said that you're probably going to be popular if you continue with these kinds of posts.


When you get a lot of Steem Power, you'll be able to help out the newbies and smaller accounts, like you wish someone would help you out. :-)

I personally look forward to seeing more travel posts in particular.

I basically wrote to say; just have fun and carry on, and you'll be fine.

Good luck, and see you around.

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