Bothering A Bird

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By AdinaVoicu on

Never go on a walk with me if you can't stand me suddenly going "BIRD!", whipping out my phone, and approaching said bird while trying to get a good picture.

The trick to not miss a good shot? Keep taking pictures while you approach.

I didn't want to zoom in on the crane we spotted by the river, but he was too far away for a nice photograph.

So slowly, one step after another, I approached the sunbathing bird, trying not to startle it.

The ground was soft, covered with dead grass, and gave in slightly below my feet. I couldn't look down to ensure I'd not fall, because I had to keep my phone still, taking pictures every few seconds.

Finally, the crane, who had been watching me the whole time, decided that this weird human was really close enough now, and it was time to make a run fly for it.


I've seen this crane a lot in the past, but he was usually too far away for any good pictures. It's nice of him that he stayed in place this time, giving me one last chance to make some memories before leaving the country.

Or maybe he just wanted to enjoy the afternoon sun, after the temperature had dropped again the past few days.


Viewed from the birds perspective he’s annoyed with you for spoiling his sunny spot :)

“why is this one acting creepy” “wait its coming this way” “ oh God its pulling something from its pocket” “FLY!!!!!”

As captioned to the 4 pics lol

There's a reason I titled the post "bothering a bird" :P