First Steps in Ireland

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While we're still waiting for our keys (25th they say ... hurry up already, I don't like staying in an AirBnB with noisy neighbors), we've been exploring the surrounding countryside, walking almost 2 hours to the next town and then back.

@reggaemuffin got us me a camera as an engagement present (thanks @apsu for discussing possible options with me). And while right now I'm mostly using it to "point and shoot", some of the images already came out pretty nicely.


In honor of @apsu, a bumblebee butt

I love the almost stereotypically magical look of the countryside. I'm a huge fan of that kind of stuff and it might be one of the less official reasons why I wanted to move to Ireland. My father did after all gift me a book with Irish fairytales when I was ten.


Particularly pretty were the painted power boxes, I must have looked like an idiot to any passing locals, crouching down in front of the boxes to get a perfect picture. Then again, they did paint them like this to make them pretty. Art is supposed to be appreciated.


Overall, I'm so far pretty happy with my new chosen home, and am looking forward to buying furniture and painting the walls green. (!!!)

Pictures will follow whenever I feel like it.

Hey! I'm walking here!


The camera was already worth it :) I'm glad we decided on Ireland, the nature is awesome!

Welcome to Ireland. I'm sure you will love it here and as long as you don't mind rain it's a beautiful place to be. It might take a while to settle in but i'm sure that the people will welcome you to the area and make it feel like a home.

Thank you!

I already like it, and honestly? The rain is not that bad. I like that it's very "thin" rain oftentimes, more like walking through a heavy cloud. And so far, the people have been super nice (and I love the food, as weird as that might sound).

Looking forward to at least one year here, maybe more, maybe a life.

The food here is great. Simple but fresh and tasty. Where did you move here from?

I know a lot of people that came here to work for a few years and never left. It just gets into your skin and they set up a life here.

I came here from Germany. And the general joke is that there is no good food on the British Isles, which I strongly disagree with (the garlic dips alone are already proof enough).

I'd be totally fine with just staying tbh. We will see how things evolve.

I wouldn't refer to Ireland as part of the British Isles. Just a heads up but there is a lot of history there over the years. It's been complicated.

Apart from that the garlic dips are amazing and depending on where you have moved to I'm sure you will find some local specialties that you love. I would never live anywhere else.

Hm, I thought "British Isles" is the correct term (as opposed to "Great Britain" or "UK").


But I understand that there is bad history. I did look into it a little bit before coming over.

I will find ALL the local specialties and I'll probably gain some kg, but that is a sacrifice I will have to make!

I would just avoid the term British or UK in general. There is no such place as the British isles officially it's more of an adopted term that we wouldn't accept here. It depends on what part of the country you are in but around my part it wouldn't go down very well.

For a person with an interest in history there is a long and storied past to read into. A lot of material there but very interesting. Plenty of movies on the subject as well.

There is the Republic of Ireland which contains 26 counties. Then there are the six counties in the north of Ireland which are occupied by Britain and that is technically part of the UK along with Wales and Scotland. It's been fought over for over 800 years and only calmed down about 20 years ago while there are still tensions in the north of the country. Things are a lot better now and there is a lot of co operation between the UK and Ireland but still a long way to go.

Okay, noted, I'll avoid the term then, thanks for pointing it out!

Being in the Republic of Ireland, I try to be careful about that anyway, as I can't really be sure how people's stance is. I'm just trying to integrate and avoid any obvious social mistakes (or "Fettnäpfchen", as the German says).

This is confusing as hell thanks for posting this picture :-D

Americans would never be able to get this right even if you offered them a million dollars.

Eh, I guess it's a question of "do I need this in my life"? I didn't try to understand the differences before starting to consider moving to Ireland.

I couldn't recite all states of the US if my life depended on it. I am not even entirely sure how many there are, just that there are at least 50 (I think). I can somewhat point out where Texas, California, and Florida are, but New England? Is that even a state?

Geography is something you know when you need it, or when you're interested in it.


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I feel like I have to visit Ireland at some point in my life, but mostly because I have red hair.

You probably would blend right in

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