natural beauty at the foot of the hill

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The serene atmosphere of the foothills and its beautiful natural beauty make it a special attraction for anyone who sees it. On this occasion I want to share post images that I have captured with a beautiful panorama of nature.

The beauty of the foothills with a beautiful natural expanse will make us feel comfortable to be there, a verdant rice field will also provide a special attraction for anyone who sees it. The water that flows in the foothills as if it would never end would also make the atmosphere feel cool. Nature does always provide a special attraction for our lives. Therefore let us keep it in order to maintain its sustainability.

Maybe this is just my post this time about the natural beauty in the foothills hopefully friends steemit love it.



I miss the scenery like this, once every home school always go to the fields and now it's just a memory.
Now the view of the sea and the pond and the boisterous city became my sight. Thank for you sharing.😁🙏👍

thanks also for the comment @aronnaawe

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Very beautiful view.

thank you very much, @r2cornell

Amazing, nice, superb photography of nature. It's a place like paradise. I have a dream to seeing like this nature.

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