the atmosphere of the mosque in the evening

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Good evening everyone, of course steemian friends again on break everything. On this occasion I also want to share my post while spending the night rest.

Post for tonight I try with picture of mosque which is in a township. Building this beautiful mosque feels so cool with the atmosphere of the night and the light of the moon. The mosque is a place of worship for Muslims. In Aceh almost every village there is a mosque building that is used as a means of worship because the majority of the population is Muslim.

Maybe this is just a post that I can share hopefully my friends love it. Do not forget the upvote and resteem yes! ..




Nice Picture sulairusydi ! :D
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Mesjid yang sangat indah. Membuat hati nyaman damai melihatnya, apalagi punya kesempatan untuk sholat di dalam mesjidnya.

A mosque is a peaceful place. It keeps our soul and body holy. All men are equal here. Thanks for sharing.

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