Bungenvile or paper flower

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In this meeting, I will discuss one of the plants originating from South America, which has now been spread in all corners of the country in the world, including one country that is rich in natural products.

Plants that have a variety of colors are one of the flowers that are very famous for every ornamental plant lover, especially for women. If you visit the territory of Indonesia, of course you will find this ornamental plant in every home page of the population.

Nearly 75% of Indonesian women really like this plant, the proof can be seen in every house of this flower population is always seen growing in his yard, then other evidence is also found in the yard of local government buildings planted in his office yard.

The flowers also have a variety of colors from red, white, purple, yellow, pink, and other colors that are often seen on someone's yard.

bougenville or commonly referred to as paper flowers is an ornamental plant whose existence has spread in various regions in Indonesia, which is now growing and developing in every province of Indonesia. Paper flowers or bungenvile, besides being beautiful, are also often used as a land boundary for someone with certain restrictions so that local people can directly know the boundaries of their land.

Maybe for everyone when they hear the phrase paper flower, of course what is implied in his mind is a flower that is striking in color and varies in size and shape almost the same as the leaves, is that true?

Then the answer is of course! But did you know that paper flowers actually have a very small shape with cone-shaped strands of flowers to the top or precisely as you see in this post. Then the position of the flower is in the middle of the scarf, but people often consider this unique and beautiful colored scarf to be called a part of the flower itself. Opinion does not seem wrong either, this is caused by the unsightly shawl of the human eye.

In the case of so-called paper flowers, caused by the texture of the flower is almost the same as smooth and thin paper, in this case the naming of paper is one of the reasons for such a nickname.

If you are often with this plant then you will see the shape of this plant is small and grows upright on the stem of the plant itself.

Whereas the petals are dark red, dark green and a few other colors, and the shape of the paper leaves is almost similar to the oval with caution, but the edges are not sharp as seen in some other flowers.

As mentioned above or we go back to its history, the Bougenville flower was taken from one Frenchman named Sir Louis antonine de bougenville, so based on that name this flower is known by the name Bungenvile. History says that this flower originated in South America, but over time, this flower is increasingly widespread to tropical regions such as Indonesia and other regions of the world. So until the day these bungenvile plants are very well known throughout the world.

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