Characteristics of grasshoppers in the scientific view

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On this occasion some knowledge will be conveyed about the classification of green grasshoppers, which are quoted from various sources, summarizing a number of things that might be useful to you in diving into the field of insects.

Get To Know The Morphologyand Anatomy of Grasshoppers

In a scientific explanation that has been examined by some insect experts conveyed in each research result that the body of the grasshopper itself consists of 3 main parts such as,

2chest (thorax)
3stomach (abdomen)

These three things are an important part of every insect not only grasshoppers, but other insect species also have these body parts.

Then not only three body parts were found on the grasshopper's person, but also equipped with,

16 pairs of jointed legs
22 pairs of wings
3and 2 antennas

Every part of the body always functions in accordance with their respective functions, because the long hind legs are used for jumping while the short front legs are used for walking, even though it has wings to fly when heading to other locations, but it still relies on its feet when trying to reach the leaves or branches

However, experts are very overwhelmed in detecting the ears of grasshoppers in listening to the sounds that do occur around them. Even though they don't have ears, grasshoppers can hear something that comes from around it. If he is able to hear, then what instrument does he use? So in this case the experts found the answer that the grasshopper itself can hear with one of the hearing aids called tympanum. This tool is located in the belly of the defender itself which is attached near the back wing of a grasshopper

Tympanum is shaped like a large round disc consisting of several processors and nerves that are used to monitor vibrations in the air

So it is functionally similar to the human eardrum located in the abdomen, but does not have one tool such as human earlobe

Then how does he breathe? Grasshoppers breathe with the trachea, not similar to humans or breathing creatures in the ocean.

Besides having a Trachea, he also has eyes that are very different from other creatures, the difference lies in their own vision. Grasshopper has 5 eyes like,

12 compound eyes
2and 3 okelli

It also has two wings located at the top of its body with several layers, consisting of coarse wings and soft wings, the wings seen above are the core wings that are used when flying while the smooth wing layers located at the bottom are supporting wings for flight when they will move from one Plant to another, or when they will urbanize from one area to another.

Grasshopper's wing itself is very rarely used, because it still relies on two hind legs to jump, the wing is enabled when it reaches a distant location or which is unable to be reached by its foot jump.


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