Clear air in the Lockdown period and stayhome

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As has been mentioned in the previous post that during Lockdown the atmosphere in the world has changed by itself, if previously the air around us was very bad then in the period of self-isolation today, the air in the world becomes cleaner and brighter. This is also reinforced by every explanation from scientists either by #NASA or other scientists, and we ourselves can feel it like the picture you see in this post.

Nature around our region is so bright without any smoke or other dirty things that can make this nature worse, sea lavender plants growing on the edge of the rocks as evidence that the air this year is getting better, so is the state of the sky during the day so blue is seen with the combination of blue and white, isn't that color really dominated by everyone? Even in this world the colors blue and white are often used as colors or symbols embedded in the state's state or in good symbols.

This sea lavender flower grows beautifully, it is so fresh with its natural nature, it grows by itself on the edge of the ocean that grows without human intervention.

Bright blue sky and pure white are more beautiful when combined with pink, green and other plants. If the colors are put together then the atmosphere will look extraordinary. Then it will be very beautiful if frozen in photos or used as background applications or cover images in every media.

Today's natural brightness is the impact of covid19 that has swept the world in recent months. In this case the Acehnese people who were on the edge of the island of Sumatra received good news because the case of the impact of covid19 was declared to be free of the plague. The ODP has become 0 while the PDP has decreased and the positive community Corona has become 0. It is a happy step for the people of Aceh in particular and Indonesia in general that some parts of Indonesia have recovered from the disaster. However, there are several provinces that are within the territory of Indonesia, especially the island of Java, which still play a role against the Covid19.

Nature is increasingly beautiful and clean so that people are also happy because they have returned to health and are gone from the fear that has plagued humans today. Today's natural landscape is proof that Covid19 is coming to an end and the most important remedy for dealing with it is #stayhome, #Lockdown and other things recommended by the government in dealing with this epidemic nationally and internationally.

Thus the good news about nature, that you and I are always in the protection of the almighty God. And finally we will live healthy as in the beginning.

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