Enjoy the afternoon at the Lhokseumawe pusong reservoir

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Hi everyone's!

Enjoying the afternoon #sun in the Lhokseumawe pusong reservoir, in the afternoon is very pleasant because we can immediately adapt to the surrounding nature.

In the afternoon when entering sunset it is a very beautiful memont when you are in the open nature for the people of Lhokseumawe city not to waste this wonderful opportunity by walking around the reservoir in the afternoon. Everyone loves to enjoy the afternoon while watching the sunset.

However, the sun today is not visible because it is covered with thick clouds so that the sun that is setting does not show itself, all that is seen is a red shadow coming out of the eastern horizon of the reservoir.

Even though the sun is not visible, the locals are still enthusiastic about enjoying it, even though there is a red sunlight that bounces from the horizon to the reservoir so that it illuminates the location, but there is a different beauty that appears at that moment as if the condition of the day was like in a dream world.

The sun itself is very beautiful with reflected light or red light that is sinking in the horizon. The world feels different today, everyone wonders why Susana is so different from the previous days. Everyone says whether this atmosphere is due to the coming of the familiar pademic outbreak in recent months.

But the suspicion is refuted by itself because of the difference in atmosphere caused by the difference in the long waves that originate from the sun itself. So the impact is red, this is a natural phenomenon that has occurred so far.

The difference in atmosphere today is the effect of clean air due to the cessation of human activity in recent months. So that the appearance of light is very bright even though there are thick clouds that cover the sunlight.

Nature today has renewed itself for the past few days. So far, we have seen that the air is very dirty and unhealthy as a result of air pollution from human actions originating from vehicles or from waste processing plants and other chemical plants which are impure to pollute the air.

So thus the atmosphere is very different today. Brightness occurs until nearing sunset.

The sun has set and the people are also watching while swinging their steps to return to their respective homes. The brightness of the atmosphere today is a good one for every living creature in this world.

Maybe your area also happens the same thing as we see today. Hopefully today's cleanliness of the air is always present in nature. As the sun sets on the horizon, we also hope that the Covid19 pademic will soon end on this earth.

Such is today's experience in enjoying the afternoon in the Lhokseumawe pusong reservoir. May we all be protected from things that are not good. Hopefully....

Thank you very much

Location photosLhokseumawe, Indonesia
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ThemesEnjoy the afternoon at the Lhokseumawe pusong reservoir
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