Sunny weather during the Lockdown

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Hello all!

On the 25th day of the Lockdown period in the Aceh region especially in the area of ​​the Lhokseumawe Pusong Lama Village, the natural conditions are getting brighter, you can see it in the picture contained in this post, how the sky is so blue and bright today, the sky is so clean because no smoke or other bad population can pollute this nature.

Moreover, people who live in coastal areas close to the sea, of course the air is very healthy, added to this very comfortable atmosphere. It is a very healthy condition this month.

However, this month the sea water has risen and has entered into people's homes, if previously the water did not enter as much now, but now the pair is as high as the middle limit of mangrove trees that thrives near people's homes. You can see this 2 meter high tide that is able to transport waste found in people's homes in the form of plastic and other household waste.

The incident was not a disaster but it is very good for the health of the residential area because so far a lot of garbage that has accumulated in the area has now been cleared by the tide. So that the area of ​​the resident's house has been clean from everything that is polluted.

Garbage originating from the residents themselves is one of the things that is not good for environmental cleanliness, if this garbage is not cleared by the tide then the area occupied by residents is not healthy so it is very easy to cause illness for residents in the vicinity

I myself am very happy to see this situation, seeing mangrove trees that thrive in the surrounding houses is a very good thing, because the function of the mangrove tree is to anticipate various natural disasters such as wind, big waves, anticipation of soil abrasion.

Likewise, the sky today is very bright, so that the blue color is mixed with white which comes from the sun. The atmosphere of this sunny day, starting all the activities of creatures even in the Lockdown period like today.

Although the existence of this epidemic (Covid19) is very detrimental to humans and animals, behind it there is extraordinary wisdom if we want to examine it in observing this trait. Basically we all want this nature to be healthy and beautiful, but that will not happen if humans continue to carry out their endless activities every day. But with a shared presence Covid19 there is extraordinary wisdom and has a direct impact on nature.

This epidemic has claimed the lives of millions of citizens of the world in each region, so that every human will never want it present in the midst of humans because the virus can kill living souls, but behind the crime it's good to renew the cleanliness of our polluted nature. Therefore, Covid19 indirectly teaches that we must stop human activists from activists at least once a year in a month.

Because if humans stop their usual activities in general, populations originating from vehicle fumes, factory fumes, etc. can pollute the air we breathe, can be resolved by themselves, so humans and other animals, plants, always breathe air clean then naturally automatically humans themselves will be healthy.

Thus information today in the midst of today's Lockdown. May be useful. Thank you very much.

Thank you very much

Location photosAceh, Indonesia
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ThemesSunny weather during the Lockdown
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