Take a picture with the VIVO Y12 smartphone

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Hi steemians! How are you doing tonight? Of course you and your family are in good health always, and so are we, of course, always in the protection of God in the face of Covid19

This post is the result of my photo shoot that was just photographed using my new smartphone with the brand VIVO Y12 by choosing a professional pattern that already exists on the smartphone features, if you know how to use it or know how to set it up it will definitely produce good and sharp photos.
On these smartphones there are many options for setting different types of images and of course it's great to set them.
But for me in photographing animals such as insects that are relaxing in the leaves, it is certainly very suitable to set with professional features, whereas for taking pictures of nature, it is sufficient to take features like nature, because the smartphone has been set in such a way as to capture the appropriate state of the photo.
This is the result of photos that I have frozen by setting professional features.

What about your opinion if it is interesting! If it is, then please leave a message in the column provided.
Thus this brief exposure may be useful for all of us. Thank you very much.
CameraVIVO Y12
SettingsType Profesional
Object distance2 meters
Photo lightOtomatis
Location photosAceh, Indonesia


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