The uniqueness found in individual butterflies

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It is one of the insect species that is very familiar to the world community, both in small and large countries, and its popularity among humans ranks number one when compared to other insect species.

His fame in humans is so great that he has a series of names that have been pinned on him, the names given to him also vary from non-verbal language to other verbal languages. If we calculate thoroughly it has a different name for each tribe in the world.

The name is one of the things that is very interesting in the community, in Indonesia alone there are various names given to him, for more details, let's look at the table below.

1National IndonesiaKupu-kupu
2General local communityRama-rama
3The world communityButterfly
4Acehnese peopleBambang
5Deli SocietySibar-sibar
6Dayak SocietyHubycreat
7There are still many other languagesNot mentioned here

The butterfly itself besides having a series of names it also has another thing that is somewhat unique in terms of its characteristics. One of them is in terms of differentiating gender itself. This difference can be seen from their own physical body, but on average female butterflies have larger wings when compared to male butterflies.

Besides being able to distinguish from the shape of the wings, there are also ways to distinguish them such as looking at the genitals, the genitals of butterflies are also located in the same place, namely on the lower abdomen at the end of the body that has a striking difference, but to see it is rather complicated because butterflies often cover the tool genitals with wide wings.

Another uniqueness found in each butterfly is that it has two different names as has been dubbed by insect researchers namely,

1Active butterfly
2Passive butterfly

The term active butterflies and passive butterflies are pinned to a term that is conveyed by researchers in terms of finding a life partner in breeding or in an effort to increase its population in this world.

Active butterflies are also often referred to as patrol butterflies in determining their partners, this happens because male butterflies do not find their partners when at the beginning of the birth of a cocoon, when male butterflies do not find their partners then they will search with how to patrol locations where there are many plants and there are many female butterflies that do not have a partner.

Then the passive butterfly is termed because the basis for finding a partner, when he was born from a cocoon, he immediately got his partner in the form of a female that just came out of the cocoon. Then the male butterfly becomes passive not traveling to another location because he has got his destination. And they will continue to be in the area until the end of their lives together with their partners.

Thus some of the uniqueness that each individual butterfly has in his life, then this is a reason why he is said to be unique and different from other insect species.

Thus a brief description of butterflies in their daily lives, may be useful for us all in adding our scientific insights.

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