Traditional fishing boat

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Hello all, How are you today? Surely still in a healthy atmosphere, although in a pademi atmosphere!

At this meeting I invite all of you who are in the steemit platform to glance at the activities of our fishermen by using improvised and environmentally friendly equipment.

This equipment is one of the fishing gear that is often used by traditional fishermen in fishing in shallow waters or in the coastal areas of Lhokseumawe City.

The fishing gear in the form of a traditional wooden fishing boat is racik in such a way as to its distinctive shape that is capable of crashing into the waves on the shore without being sunken and drowning, because the design is very much in accordance with the state of the region itself.

Alright buddy, to learn more about it, let's follow a few of the below hits.

The name of the wooden boat

Every object in this world certainly has a name that matches that object so that people will recognize it by having the name embedded, even though the name is embedded with non-verbal language or with other official languages, basically the mention of a name on the object is a matter very important for easy understanding.


This traditional wooden boat is known as the local language by the community "Jaloe" which means a small wooden-based boat that is needed from a big tree, usually a large tree is one of the light and strong wooden trees, and which is better sourced from teak trees so that it is not easy rotten in the water.

Large and sturdy wooden tree, then cut or split into two parts with a size of 3 meters long and then each part is dumped contents in the wood until thin, so thus found two wooden boats. Then the wood part is mixed with a simple device by removing the contents in it so that the thickness is only 25 cm. While the depth is in accordance with the size of the tree.

Form into a wooden boat

Then when the tree has formed into two parts so that it moves so fast, it removes the contents of the wood so that the thickness of the boat is only 10 cm, then in the middle of the boat must be affixed with a wooden holder (bone) so it is not easily broken in the middle, then add the board as a frame with a height 25 cm is installed in the hull so that the wood becomes taller and suitable for transportation.

When the canoe has been made like a wooden boat, the outside is wrapped in thin zinc by adding some material that is capable of being anti-rust. So that this fishing gear can last about 20 years or more, sometimes more, it also depends on the maintenance of the canoe.


This wooden boat is made and racik in such a way that it is used by fishermen for several things that are operated in rivers and oceans. While its main function as a means of transportation of fishermen in undergoing fishing in the shallows or the coast near the coral reefs of the sea west of the mainland.

This wooden boat does not use an engine as a road tool but uses two paddles as energy and the boat's rudder.

Kenapa tidak membutuhkan mesin?

This traditional fishing boat is very light and the speed is very fast even though it is relied on by human labor, because the designer is specialized as a paddle so that without any engine he is able to go at high speed, then also in terms of fishing techniques for catching in coastal waters very easy to use simple techniques when compared with machines.

When faced with big waves, it will not sink because its flat shape is able to reverse when mudharat and even children are able to move it. The point is that the driver must be good at driving from the rower as a means of steering and the strength of the ship's energy.

What about other fishing gear for catching fish?

So in this case will be mentioned in the second post with the title of the procedure for the work of traditional fishing boats in the second part.

Thank you very much

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