What do you know about grasshoppers

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Hello all!

#Grasshopper! That's the name that is famous by its name, from children to parents of course very familiar with it and really understand it, but did you know that grasshoppers themselves have hundreds of species that occupy this hemisphere?

He will be very easy to find from all places, no exception whether in the countryside or in urban areas they are always there where there are green leaves.

Although it is very easy to find on any plants that grow both wild plants and ornamental plants though, but will not be found in a location that is very cold and quite extreme, because at that location his body can not adjust to the conditions in the surrounding area, the location in intended it is like on the Antarctic continent.

When we talk about it, there are endless problems to discuss, because there are many things that are expressed in their lives, both in terms of their activities and how to multiply, basically, a lot of information obtained by everyone in the private grasshopper itself.

One of the things that is interesting to be lifted up is in terms of its characteristics that are different from the state of other insects. Insects such as grasshoppers are one of the insects that have a strong force that is recorded in his feet and the feet can be rotated around 180 degrees and these activities do not cause damage to the grasshopper itself.

As evidence to corroborate this information, you yourself can try it in your own home, by catching and holding it with your own hands and then see what results.

Based on the results of my personal experience ever tried to catch one of the green grasshopper or leaf grasshopper, then when we hold it he will struggle to escape. When that happens the two legs will reject our hands with a strong urge so that our hands will feel pain with thorns growing on the ends of the two legs. Sharp spikes can hurt a person's hand, and the urge of his feet will be felt in the grip.

The strength of the pushes in his legs feels so strong that we want to let him go, if we compare the thrust of his legs to resemble the pulls of the hands of a 5-year-old child.

Then when he pushes a person's hand he can rotate his feet around 180 degrees with the addition of sharp thorns on the grasshopper's feet can make provision more free in breaking away at each catch.

You also often see that when a grasshopper wants to go to one other location with a distance of about 100 meters or more he does not need to use his wings to fly even he is able to jump one jump until his body is in another location.

The speed of the jump is very fast so that the human eye can be fooled by its very fast movements, this is what makes the grasshopper always superior to the catch of other predators.

In general, if a comparison is made in the insect world, one of the insects that is very difficult to be hunted by predators is the grasshopper itself. Even a bird will be fooled by this trick. So that he will always escape the predator's catch.

Thus this brief description of the data obtained from the grasshopper. Hope it is useful for all of us.

Thank you very much

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