My best photograph photo challenge #62 and life short story - Vine wedding

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Vini said in absolute calmness and eyes, who knew that during times of awe, another person might look. Then I fell unconscious and fell from a pinch.

Smile-so much fear

Eyes opened my hand on my chest, and said, 'The sound of running around your chest. Laughing out loud, as well as the eyes said to me, when I love you from the heart, fear was to run away! I do not know how much you have argued with your parents.

I used to roam around my head and roam around Vinni's words. I was afraid I could see another guy in the night.

I said a laughing voice - Vinnie?


-Did you know when my mother was good? When cooking and working, the hair was shuffling, sweating, the vermilion was coming down on the nostrils, when the stains of saris were brown in my mother's house, then I loved Mother. And when the mother used to dress herself, wearing clothes on her face, then her mother would be seen as a serious and angry person, as if she could touch her. Or when the mother was sad, she used to sit quietly, or cry for some reason, the mother was the most beloved of me, I only used to roam around my mother. Why do you say


-A little trouble in the house, I feel like a man in a little sadness.

-Pagal He laughs.

I was silent and said, "When did my father love me the most?"


  • A man in the Railway Colony in Mphsala, a man out of twenty-six runs out of the match. Sitting on the grass in the field in front of the old scorpion, I saw a long white man wearing a white dress coming out of the crease, the head was red, the bat of the bat turned to zero in the air, frustration, the head caps opened, leaving the huge hat on the face of the dash, the father walked towards the pavilion tent Was going He did not know that at that time for the audience who was most sad in the audience, he was me. The father did not go out, in fact, the father came back to that walk, the battered batsman was frustrated and I cried for the laughter of the face. Since then, my father is very much loved, I love him very much. The moment that the father still loves, that moment, maybe the moment of returning from his father's house. Due to my father's view, the scene still stands out in front of my eyes. Why do you say

-What? I have been silent for a long time - I have a moment of love for two or two. No? You smile, you only once loved me.

Vinnie said quietly for a long time - I know you do not love me so much. The moment you have never encountered

I was surprised to hear the big surprise. Laughing, laughing out loud

He looked silently and said in my eyes - It does not matter. I love you

I smiled and said, 'Where's your birthdate?'

Surprise said, "Who?"

She said, "I did not find your necklace.

After a little silence, Vinnie suddenly turned back to the red-A: Mama, where the hell is ... where are you?

Then in the night, Vinni gave me the look of her birthdate.

In three years we had two children. And we're a little older.

Occasionally I say to Vinnie-Vinnie, my mind is not good.


Do you know?

-Is it bad either? That is, he came and touched my cheek on my forehead, I could not see him with his hands on the chest.

-No, the body is not bad. I say.

  • Have you seen nightmare?



I know! I say - the mind is not good.

Vinnie smiles and crazy.

I feel like I'm big alone.

Vinnie got shocked-why are we?

I am looking for nothing. I tried to understand the meaning of the words. Pocket huge cigarette and brooderai.


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