My best photograph photo challenge part #103 - Trying to change people's lives.

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Tupu married a producer, and got a good news in a newspaper.

The mother is not happy to go.

He said: In the meantime, the father has given his old wife goodbye. What will keep it at the top. Great fear Big wedding is not my favorite. They do not marry. The real marriage is in the middle class family.

The PC said that was weird.

Where did they go to Japan to honeymoon? Just three months later Tupu divorced his groom.

Upon receiving the news, Kushal ran away.

-What is Tupu? Did you break the marriage?

  • Silence. He doesn't have a heart.

  • Don't know?

  • I know. Still, I went in and saw.

  • Why jump in? When the body is strapped to the floor.

Speaking of mouths. Skilled tongue cut off.

But Tupu was not angry. He said very badly - you are right. I got brick. However, I got a lot of money.

Kushal said - well. Keep the money Inevitably money looks at people very much. Tupu is the first to cry in front of Kushal.

Said money and name is leaving me Kushalda. You have improved, if I ever become a beggar on the road, beg for something.

-She: Tupu, don't say that. Keep the money And if you need me. Don't be shy

  • Great shame. Big shame.

The world of light is approaching.

Kushal realizes that he himself has set foot in the light of fortune, but is not there to meet Tupur. Because Tupu is being exiled from the world of light into the dark world of misfortune, he and he have set foot on the road in the dark, just waiting for their first encounter at this border.

Could not say that even today. But the mind said - I have a secret with you, Tupu.

Nowadays the time of Kushal is much less. A new showroom and sales office has been opened at Brabourne Road, Kolkata. Again, he went to Japan to collaborate with a Japanese company to cultivate plowing equipment. On that way all the countries of the Far East came. The factory opened near Kolkata. It's a lot of hard work. The age was about thirty-seven. Now the body, whether it is the body or the mind gets tired. Mother calls for marriage. Kushal does not agree. The younger sister got married in the house of the elder. That marriage is actually a

Unwritten Agreement. Those who have found the kinship of kinship are all good above society. The middle of communication. Now these skills are very skillful in the head.

But fatigue does not go away. Jodhpur's huge back home, whenever he retires, feels lonely and tired. Feminine touch is a big need in life. Girls are men's rest, a little beauty, shelter.

But how smart will you get married? The word that was never told to Tupu today. So he married the younger brother. For a long time, a government striker has been reluctant to give his daughter to Kushal's house. Kushal did not turn him away. He did not marry himself and married his brother.

Even the most shy of today is smart, yet honest and virtuous as far as possible. His face still has the mark of sharp intellect and impossibly good quality.

One morning, in the morning, an old car jumped in front of his house. He came inside in a very embarrassed and ashamed posture.

Said - what a great thing you are! How about?

Shame on you for being ashamed of your skill, don't say those words. I don't like girls talking about money.

Tupu breathes - know my news?

  • Just know, you're not getting a contract these days. Knowing that you want a lot of money, nobody takes you to the picture! You don't even go shooting him.

Tupu says breathing - there's more. Am I chewing on the heads of new heroes or not. Often, I would like to leave the unit with some of them. Didn't hear that?

  • Listen.

Nothing is true of Bogus. Now I don't get out of the house at all. Sitting in the dark and crying.

  • Can weep. What is your sadness

  • Don't you understand? When people lose importance, when they move away from their religion, from the ground up, the sadness is no comparison.

  • Talk about nonsense. You are the daughter of poor Bamun. Tell your religion, tell the foundation, tell the importance, you got nothing. What you got, the money and the glory, was not your thing. Think about it

-What was my payment then?

Skilled thinking - It is likely that the satisfaction of suffering for the people of love is the greatest contribution to the human being.

  • Hey dad, you've learned a lot nowadays. You will learn, you have become a great man. Elders have the right to say everything.

In grievous troubles they say in a loud voice - No Tupu. Don't call me an adult. I just tried. Life is a human being. What is the change of mind in changing the subject?

  • I don't understand that much. I'm here to say I will produce a picture. Give money Let's try one last time.

  • God. Kushal says without hesitation.

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