My best photograph photo challenge part #205 - Your message are different

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Well maybe not too sorry to say softly. Kusalada Why? I've played with my all, it was a good story. I have tried everything. As well as low-tupu, why that? Much less difficulty than would be happy in life. There is now an apartment house sold tupu. alone. Mother and brothers are separated. Tupura disagree with them. His birthday party was great tupu his apartment. Kushawl are invited. Well do not take time, but it was time to party. Saw him, just blank phlyatata. Star-Star food arranged on the table, gharadore lots of light, Cosmetics. But there is none. Even an old maid is none other than the people. Tupu a white sari weavers in its shell open hair reading a book by the window. Pale face, but the restroom is clear, kamani Watanuki his adolescence. What is to be surprised-well, where are all the people? Tupu laughed off the books come out, say people! Who are they? I did not tell anyone? Only you. Then why was it see? Tupu for a long time have become the face of well-being. Then he left too deep a breath sono, I have made life very much party. At the end of the party when everyone is gone, the finger plates, empty liquor bottles, broken glass, crush the fruit is all. The room is horrible. It seems abandoned, haunted. So I did not tell anyone. I have to say that! You! Oh, your voice is different. Today we'll party together. And around us empty chairs, empty cells, and there will be desolation. Kusalada your own arrangements for the fifty. From ear to all of you, To destroy. I see. Pagala. As well. I forgot long men to shame. But again, I want to know to shame. Kusalada give me a little ashamed. Pagala! Hebhare as well. Sono, You think I ate alcohol. Do not go, look at this, look at samke face. Have given up a long time. This approach leads to the pretty little mouth agape tupu. Calls to his face the wind well. What a nice smell! Oibhabei stood out little infatuation. Tupu breath away and throw away kusalada said, today is my birthday. What do you give me? Gold jewelry has a well-being! But it did not come out. A little thought. Tupu he said, was for a long time I've tried to say something. Today I say it, rather than the. Take that seitei birthday present. Katha! Yeah, there was a bit tupu. Then suddenly did not say so, why? Were on-time. Tupu word: time. Tupu smiled and bowed his head in shame. Then, with a little difficulty breathing realize it was time to say today? Yes. I say before it's too late. Tupu ... tupu two hands and feet, ears and shouted down to read, do not say, do not say it! I agree to be run out. Balaba not? Surprisingly well-being. Tupu bland eyes smiled. That said, a little-bit and say that throughout life. Not with words, different way.