My best photograph photo challenge part #77 - The beautiful girl was sitting..........

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Pradip Dutta smiled and said, 'No, no, no. Mr. Bose, as it was in the previous day, what will happen today? He has a blank place. If you go home overnight, then everyone will come down to you. Corporation, tax, cesc, who is not? Now all the Groep Propagation Negotiations. I can not put you in trouble.

A great road to Jodhpur Park is where the taxi stopped. If you look at the house, the eyes are visible. There are lots of lanes in front, flower fences. Awesome beautiful design tile placement floor. The six rooms at the bottom, the four houses Three rooms in three rooms

Study, Rufus Garden.

Pradeep Dutta said that the newly built house No one still lives. The owner of the house wants to sell the house after he is stressed on the stock market.

What is an insight with a little shame?

-Choose You do not think about it. That's My Head

Still feeling insecure, Aniket It's a shame to talk about the TV setter.

But Pradip Dutta said that after saying his mind, the TV set or the motorcycle was not in your requirment, but those arrays were made. Now you have to show a presentable source of income and tax returns. Of course, you do not have to think about it. Live Everything on. Rather you bring Mrs. and bring the house.

Jhoomur! Ankitika forgot about Jhoomur Now he did not like to think about Jhumur. Lately the jhumur has grown thick. Very angry Without it there is no mystery in Jhoomur and no.

Unintentionally, Anikka said - well.

Pradeep Dutta suddenly smiled at him and said, and if you are interfered, arrange for a good lawyer can be arranged to fight a divorce case. Mrs will not be too disturbed if he gets high alimony. If I agree then I can negotize them.

The little red is Aniket. The book called the bird's call by guragura many hopes and desires. He bowed his head and said - it is not. Stay in Jhumuro I can not leave the boy. But the other girl-

Pradip Dutta suddenly lowered his throat and said - What kind of women want?

Anikka Rumale's face covered, red and with a lot of difficulty, his secret wishes said inexhaustible - Tina Azar Beautiful lively


Life was changed in seven days by Aniket.

It is so surprising to see Jhumur's house that it can not speak well. Two expensive cars in the Twin Garage, all things that are not considered in the house, the servant, jhie, Mali, the house of Safare, Gijsjija. Five-seven house air conditioners. These are the wonders of the light of the light of the Aladin?

Several times the question is Aniketake - What are these?

-Propag Negotiations. An insight - all tax payments. There is nothing to worry about. Do not say anything more than Aniket.

One day Pradip Dutta called up Mr. Bose, a little late. A teenager girl was found according to your requirements. No, no, do not worry, for all these things, a furnished apartment at Camak Street has been bought in your name. Come today evening. The Apartment Will Be Your Place Spot Know your traveler's address.

Until it was heard, it was impossible to see Nervous Aniket. The heart is pushing so loudly that the sound was heard in his ears!

Still went Intense tension He has been enjoying life nowadays. This is life

An insight took place in front of an eight-storey house in Safa. Up to the ceiling of the elevator, pressing the bell pressed open the door and Pradip Dutta said with humble smile, Everything set. Come on, sir.

The apartment is nothing compared to its own home. Yet it is also the ultimate fancy place. House linen, sofa set, great furniture There are refrigerators, TVs and all. And there is a small bar, it contains at least fifty-sixty kinds of alcohol.

The beautiful beautiful girl sat in a house in the interior. Inserted the key in the door, and the lamp was opened to open the door - She is Aggressive, Watch Your Steps.

Aniketake a little surprised. Once in the house, he once again surprises. There is nothing more than a divan in the house, a dressing table, two small tools and no one knot. A bun filled with rosemary with a broken vase, covered with water on the floor, carpets are wetting in water. Break the mirror of the dressing table, break the legs in the tools; The girl is sitting next to a thin black house quote on Devane. Such a beautiful girl was not seen in an insightful life. Just like that is fine, so is the book better. The face has been cut by cutting it for millions of years. The color of the complexion filled the pink light house. Her hair is shaky, the two eyes are burning like a tiger. I looked at Aniket once and started looking at blood.

Then he got up and ran on the bright feet to the door. Aniketka standing where it stood. Anikika did not get time to understand anything, the girl hurriedly squeezed her mouth. Aniket shouted - Pradeep Dutta! Pradeep Dutt!

The door opened and the lamp came in the room with a calm foot. Take the girl in one hand. Effortlessly Throwing around the Divana and saying Aniketake - I picked up the girl just like the recurrence. But I have no way of attracting him. That is your business Mr. Bose. Triay Agen.

Pradip Dutt goes away

Ankit's cheeks bleed and blood is burning like fire. She falls on the divan and weeps on the divan.



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