My best photograph photo challenge part #88 - Looking at the north balcony

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The house was dark in the dark, the inside of the horizontal darkness and once again. Tung-towing words of pebbles on the iron beam on the iron beam Ceaselessly restless Cheating on the chest and intensifying retirement. What's the release? How to release? Who knows! But his desire jumps like heated peers.

He kind of lit up the lamp again. Kalyani say-what?

Call the snow on the furious throat, come on, come Kalyani.

Then he pulled his hand out of the mosquito and dragged him from inside the mosque to Kalyani. Bring your bed. Kalyani gheme. In bright light, Kalyani looks like a madman, kisses the snow, kisses, churns him with intense interest. Molested-why are you and mad? What's in you What is that precious? Can you give me

Futility At the end of all named after the fatigue.

This is Nothing else!

They sleep The first wind blow out of the storm! The first rainy droplet flew like a poker and sat on the lunatic lip. Sit down and sit in the jimo crazy. The air is playing with his purple hair. His face was exposed by electricity. The tree was continuously pouring on his head.

Crane hammer came down heavily from high level. The snow rattles up The inside of the chest continues to thrive. She trembles so loudly that she has a slight shaky voice in her hands,

What is that word? Where is the silent crane Hammer seen like a tall camel in the dark? When? Outside the stormy winds of the storm, the house-house has turned hard. The storm is bursting with joy alone. That word sounds like a wild man in the middle of the middle of the night. Chest up Slowly I remember a huge iron structure in it, a dark dark, high crane hammer. Suddenly, the pain started to grind. She is struggling with intense desire for freedom. Say his mind - Come on in the sea. Walk on the hill! Let's spread.

The snow covered the chest. Slowly bump

The cloud touches the clouds with the help of outdoor power.

The snow is very desirable on this storm night, once you get up and see the madman.

But it did not happen. He is sitting in a safe house like a cowardly man. Outside the beggar, there was a storm in the house of madmen bursting. They were surrounded by rainstorms.

The next day the madman was seen to be mad. Before coming to the office to come to the pickup pickup, the snow from the balcony of the north. Kalyani came in a little bit. Look at Practice

He is drowning in work. The snow in the air-conditioned room often causes discomfort. After the office, like the finned feathers of the four sides of the dark fatigue. Snow goes a long way. Became in the taxi, no day. Walks away and walks far away. What a job left in life! Is not done! It was about to be a thrilling, delightful release. I did not find The unstable twist of the cat like a cat pouch.

Sometimes he gets upset at night. Get up Eat cigarettes. Drink water Ever open the doors to the north and stand in the balcony. Standing like a candle, white lamp, standing beneath it, bakulagacha under it. Its shadow. In the dark there is a mad rug like crazy.

Come back home again Lit the lamp Seeing the sleeping Kalyani in thirsty eyes through the thin net mosquito. The baby Soma is lying on the inside of her chest Two papers near the head of Soma, drawing pictures in it. One river, boat, plants On the other hand, the face of a girl, the Soma written below. A lot of pictures look snow in the direction of the snow. A breath

Kalyani is sleeping quietly. Nishchinto elegance in the mouth. It is snowy Slowly say-how do you sleep?


Come on, let's go out. Come on for a while. One morning Kalyani told the tea table that the dusty snow


-Look. Where to go?

-Sometimes Away Sea or mountain

I saw the sea in the sea. Darjeeling Shillong - See also

-Over somewhere. Strangers in unknown places. Say snow But he knows it well, knows exactly - it is worthless. He has gone outside the sea, on the sea, in the mountains. There is no release in him, he knows. Release here. There is a rare urge. To look out.

But they went out. For a month, they roamed in many places. In the mountains, in the sea. Come back one day.

The madman is sitting right. Looking forward to the ballooner in the north.

Occasionally in the work, the snow does not say suddenly. That's surprising. What's not? Why not

The clandestine stenographer asked to give an emergency decree - no-no. The stenographer stopped humbly.

The snow wants around What is an invisible mosquito surrounded by a surrounded surroundings? What is that That's why! What's out of him?

Lonely Shakespeare Sarani walks in the snow, walks on the solitary grounds, walks in the crowd. It goes far and far away. But it can not go beyond that illusory mosquito. Get up in the taxi and say loudly brother More loud- more loud ...

Taxi flies. Nevertheless, around the faux nets around

There is a way out of despair - there is the way to go out somewhere. To look out. Eyes way Like a camel, a crane is standing in the sky with a hammer standing in the sky, a huge iron structure behind it