My best photograph photo challenge part #89 - Lives with instability.

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A neighbor goes on the road. Suddenly-your big kindness Every day I see you give the rice to the rabbit. Nowadays someone does not do it for anyone! We tell you about our boys and girls.

Curiously asked by the snowflake?

-Please, be like that. We are busy with ourselves. Nothing is done by us on earth. The closer you are - the greater our profits.

Snow becomes dumb. What a false propaganda! Please! How strange it is! He did not think so!

But the snow! Keep thinking. Do not be so in the gaps in the activities. Shocking! The mesh becomes unstable in one instability. Sometimes the crane hammer slows down when it rains. She woke up in agony and cried for help.

It was so late night that the rice khalikei rice grow silently and stepped down the stairs. Bakul came across the tree under the tree.

  • Chalo Arun Come to my room once. You do not want to go any day. Come today I'm taking you Today is your invitation.

The hand held mad. Clean hands held in a clean hands.

Who knows what is crazy, but got up!

Snow crossed the road with his hand carefully. Came up the stairs. Standing at the door of the food room.

  • Kalyani, look at who I brought.

One spoon fell from the hand of Kalya. Terrible joke is. Kalyani's chest was shaking. The body trembled. Her lips became white with fear.

-Go! He shouted. Snow said softly - No doubt, Kalyani is not afraid. You decorate the food. Arun is my guest today.

Kalyani stood silently The water filled his eyes. Snow was caught in the snow-covered lunge.

Kalyani did not have seen Arun for a long time. What a look of great poverty. The blue shirt of the acquittance fades and trumps it on her body. The color of the khaki pants has changed to gray. What ants her horrible dyed hair. All the dust and dirt in the earth are stuck on it. Only then, uncooked, beautiful, fragrant, swollen with his head, he had a necklace on his neck.

Kalyani arranged the meal with trembling hands. Water is constantly pouring through his eyes. The mad did not look at her. Eyes began to eat low and started eating.

Occasionally the snow was saying - eat Arun, eat.

When he finished eating, the snow picked him up again. Bring it home.

  • Look at my doorstep. The one who lies under the mosquito, and my daughter Soma. Look at this, his hand-painted picture. Look at this wardrobe, frigidier. The dressing table. Look, what more?

In turn, Arun shows him all the snow.

Occasionally the question is - does Arun not want to stay here in this beautiful house? Do not want to be the owner of all these things? You do not want a beautiful wife like Kalyani? Girl like Soma.

Arun's flutter in the hands of the snow-balon Arun, do not wish!

-Of course! It is very dark! Say crazy.

Where is the darkness?


Wants to get around crazy.

-And where?


-Only Arun. Stay here Look from

Crazy does not say anything.

Frustration leaves his hand snow!

The rally crosses the headquarters slowly. Break the stairs. The road goes down on the bottom of the bakul tree. Legs spread Stretches on the stairs. Her other thoughts were flowing in the air. He sees the flow of joy and joy in the eyes.

Snow came in the north balcony. Looking back, she is again madly in the shadow of the tree. Toptap bakul is falling on his head.

The view from the north balcony is snow. Her eyes filled with water in the water

  • Do you want anything Arun? Under the bakul tree your heart is embedded. Oh mad, not love, now you just sit for rice.


Now there is no doubt about Kalyani. He saw Arun from behind. He trembled and trembled. Worried about sorrow But he saw the wonder in Arun's face. He does not remember Arun anymore.

The big winter has fallen. Dry leaf fall from the leaf tree on the insane? The north breeze through the thongs of the body is felt. Have great kindness. Kalyani sends an old blanket with the hand of Mars! The rug is sitting silent with the blanket turnover.

Occasionally, Kalyani's chest aches. Remember to love What the snow loves him yet! Who knows? Occasionally, in the violent violence, he churned the snow. Sometimes the day after day is unhealthy. And for that love, mad Arun - and sitting in expectation of rice. Do not know Kalyani

Then how will Kalyani live? Chest is a fear of the chest.

Again, Kalyani survives. Say to live.

Frost cranes hammer on the head at all times. Discomfort! When that threat comes down Cheerlessly The snow rose in pain.

Just in the morning to pick up the pickup, see the madness of Bakul on the banks of the north balcony. Both of them looked towards the two.

The company has earned nine million taka! Fatigue leads to. At the end of the day his body came down like a fatigue dark fatigue. An intense desire to move her stalks only. Stirred, kept stirring. She is desperate for a little vacation, false retirement, incredible salvation. The world is turning Time is up Age is growing.

It is as if sitting mad on a river. What a beautiful Abachaye river. Around half light is dark Infinite evening The river flows continuously. The memory of its torrent forgets See the rails. Fatigue does not come. The leaves fall from the tree, sometimes the flowers, the rains, the storm sends, and the sun turns again. Yet the river flows in the Abachaiya. Sends.