My best photograph photo challenge part #90 - Colored paper chains

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Chushid had no cats in his house. But the cats were surrounded. No more talking about those thieves and cheating cats. There is no shame in hurting every time — it will come again. Bible on the wall. Scream on the windows. Heavy tone will call heavy modest call. Even in the winter sunshine, if you put it in the sun, it will go to bed and get sunshine. What did they not eat? After taking the gap, he took the fish, gave his face to the milk, left the dirty footprint on the white sheet of the bed.

There are many more cats in the cat. For them, either Ramu Jamdar has to call, or if he gives a different paisa, he will clean the jhani.

He has a big bad hulk cat. Kunda look, on the forehead and on the back, the khala-khavalala hair has climbed with other cats. The hulotara movement is slow and steady, does not run away when you chase, please move away with reluctance to slow down.

After getting married to the husky uncle, there is a house in the back porch behind the house, the rest became a bargain. Chissees are very happy in it Chushi and Kusi, together with the two sisters, quickly set up a doll house in the courtyard. But frankly, the age of playing dolls is no longer fun. Kushi is small, she plays doll. Occasionally, when Chushi does not like to read, or when the holiday lunch breaks, or when she wants to be short on a cloudy day, Kusi sits in the puppet room.

Winter night passed that evening, and that day was exhausted. Roads in the Mufssal Ganj are deserted. The fog is relaxing all the way to sleep. The door to the house closed tight for fear of winter! At that moment, suddenly there was a noise in the door. Cooking throughout. The men did not return home to eat. The mother was sitting and baking the flour. Panti fall on the floor and sleep

Mother called Panti and said, "Look. I went to see the penti and went to sleep. Drop it off Brother Kanu, with a backpack on one hand, took the toy pistol in one hand, and with the other door open, he went to the front door and shouted, "Where?"

Everyone knows this thief does not come. Still, there is a fear of saying. Panty hurricane picked up the light and said: A. Ma: You see!

What is the scandal! How much trouble the doll wedding decoration has decorated today! Shackles of colored paper, bedside with cardboard, the bridegroom lying on a really floral bed. The six-wheeler of that decorated bus sits on the window of the balcony hulota courtyard.

Kanu shouted - This is the work of KN Singh.

Even today, no one knows who KN Singata is. Yet - Kanu says - KN Singh is the villain.

Someone will shout at Kanu whenever he makes some noise - this is KN Singh. Kanu once called his father KN Singh. Because, when making a copy, mistakenly planted by the mother removes a swinging tree. My father was angry - Daddy said - the flower tool is useful! As much as it is feminine. The garden is for the soft mind. The field is the thing of the strong mind. Nobody could understand this explanation. Kanu said that KN Singh