My best photograph photo challenge part #91 - Don't talk like a fool.

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Everyone goes. The kittens are pretty to look at. Absolutely like a powder puff. One is out of the stomach with another mouth out. Something else is going on. And 'mumieu' is refreshingly in a refined tone. The bearded cat has escaped leaving the baby somewhere. People will come when they move.

The father announced that the children were hungry. Bring them some milk.

Mother said - can they chew milk? Give a shit!

  • Yeah, don't give up. I heard that the tiger ate paddy after getting hungry!

Given. Kusi makes a small bowl in the playroom. She looked back at the bowl. Instead of pushing one over, the milk fell in the bowl. Later, he came and drank milk.

Dad and Kusi were most encouraged. Every morning, my father woke up in the morning, watching tea and sitting on the couch in front of the Quaker room. Even before going to bed, Dad goes to see the torch. Tells Ponti - A small mound covered with a few folds. It hurts in winter

Mom says - hmm: how much do cats wear in winter in coat pants!

  • Ahhh, you just have to cut everything down.

Every day, parents go to bed. However, Mother Rose won two or three goals. At the end of the quarrel, the mother proved that the animals were not cold. The father did not admit, but he did not even press the kitten again. But before she went to bed, she took a sack and got a nice nest for the rats.

The dry air and the heat of the sun began to absorb all around. The water in the well has dropped to the bottom. Flowers came to Shimulga. Babuda got a clerical job at the post office one day before coming out and prayed to her parents. Never before has such a worship been done.

What happens now when Babuda goes away, but there is no shortage of people looking at him with a smile. Inside the chest of the heart, the heart pumps into the bloodstream like a fountain. Blood flows across the body like a drop. He hears the sound of a shower under his body day and night.

Standing in front of the mirror is an acne tipple sucking on the cheeks. Not pressing, then leads. But if you see an acne on the cheeks without having the rice and how does it stay?

When the acne was gone, he rubbed some cream in the place. He turned around to see the room. Did a little dance Nowadays a lot of things get sucked. The body, the mind and the human eye.

Ever find yourself in the office and kiss. He was stunned. What is this This mother The little girl he was for so long! Grown up

Occasionally, in the sunshine, the wind whispers in the air: he wants to laugh.

Once again, one day, after leaving Kuwait, sitting in the shadow of the rear loumachar, crying in the afternoon at the deserted desert. Nowadays children come to the door, come home. Grandma used to chase first - which, by the way, would just take everything away.

Except for a few days, the grandma no longer chases. Cats roam the building. Playing at home. A and he take the wheels off the feet and release them, while the ludoers are allowed to get a table, the pedestrians play opposite the table with the legs.

Cusio plays. She loves to decorate her wife very much nowadays. Dad has bought a saree in short strings. Chushi dresses him in saris and decorates his wife. Kusi ruled the doll-boy coil in a motherly language. Ripe girl

Daddy says - oh, dad, how do you book when you think of your daughter's marriage?

Mother says - It is so much like that when you think about the cost of marriage! You have to pay for your daughter's wedding.

Dad says annoyed - I always talk about money or not. There is also a problem of marriage for the daughter.

  • Did you think he was!

Again, the mother goes to the father. Mother wins. Daddy lost it and drained ten buckets of water from the rage well.

Cotton fibers fly in the air. The white and white-black cats in the courtyard of the courtyard are now sitting in silence. Seeing cotton swabs, he tries to jump. The house comes to the door, gets up on the bed. The torso is not so close to the children, the day after bed.

One day Kakima returned to the baby cole. The house was torn down. The baby weeps in tears and cries. After that goes silent. Then it learns to jump on its lap in its lap.

Parents say that cats are much more capable than human children. They are self-dependent very quickly.

Suppose the doctor says - Adult, but remember that cats are never human.

  • Don't talk like a fool. Why can cats be human?

Whatever it is. The thing is, Chushid has never had a cat in the house before. It's a cat now.