My best photograph photo challenge part #91 - Though wish.

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Dad didn't say anything else. History does not remember that much.

It is the KN Singh of Hulota Kanu. Not a milk that is an otalbie, not a fish or a khabla dibi. Do you understand what is wrong with playing puppets?

On Kanu Batamta proceeded unilaterally to shout on KN Singh, your Ijat is in great danger today. Today, you are Tengri Tuttega Billy Ka Bache.

Chushi ran and sat in front of the puppet's room and looked with all her eyes. Gets the cry! How much trouble Bhagis fell asleep in Cusita's bed. Tomorrow morning I will sit in tears watching the situation. After hearing Kanu's Hindi, Chushi said in shock: 'I am going to see your Hindi picture. I'll tell my father today.

  • Come on KN Singh. Saying that Kanu Batamata had raised the window to Hulota, he started the hulkul kand. Hulota is not afraid of this, but at this time, desperate to jump in a jump, Kanu fell to the door of the court with one push. 'Fu-o-o' was a frustrated hullo. The door is closed Kanu chased him back with a stick and said, "Billy ka bachte, tum ne insan nahi, only billy ki a nanhe munne bache ho ho." You Zindagi May show a deep stain.

Hulota hurried and came back to the kitchen door closed. Picking up the hurricane, Panti also gives him a hoover - which is a farce.

But where or where to go with hulota! No way to go! Chushio then jumped in a rage and took his father's umbrella in his hand.

The mother called in and said - Look, don't be afraid to bite. Mothers know a lot. Actually, the Hulotaya was afraid that night.

When three people surrounded him in three directions, he was sitting on the wall in the corner of the porch. The teeth are whispering. The lodge is pouring slowly. Kanu raised the stick and gave it a jerk. Hulator eyes lit up.

Chushi understood, would bite. Kanu didn't understand. The other stick he picked up to show another heroic hero, was seen jumping like a hulota tiger. I gave a pouch, even put a tooth in my toe. What a rage his!

The doctor's lyrics. Mom just came and said - look, you will open a window in the window! Otherwise, where to escape? That said, the mother had to open the window, and hulla escaped. The family doctor does not have to make a father's appointment with the family doctor. The doctor came to see Kanu and said, "Anti-tetanus should be given."

The father said, "Why anti-tetanus when the cat is bitten? Give iodine.

  • Give iodine too. With ATS.

The father said, he gives ATS when the horse bites. Not a cat bite.

Hold tight and said - but I'm going - whatever you please.

Angry doctor was going to catch, grandma came and rubbed his head on his father, cool as a baby. Dad just said - I didn't know that cat was so Dangerous.

So many shoots for Hulu.

One morning, the father was sitting on the balcony in the sun on the porch of the east. Chushi went to fetch hot water for cooking. But the rice in the kitchen is boiling. During this time, the mother is not ready to go down the stairs as the rice becomes patchy. The heat is getting so late. Being impatient, the father said - Dhutto, do not shave today. Saying that razor was going to pick up a soap mirror. It was then that the sound of confusion came from the copywriter's side.

Then Daddy's chinker - go see all, see what the Dangerous Scandal is here.

Everyone came running and saw a handcuffs and a long red snake fighting like a silly red cat. Heavy fun fight. The snake once bit the stomach of a cat and hangs its ears. The cat then sits quietly like a wet cat. The snake has long been a cat-and-cat ear. The thought of being bitten - it opens its wings and leaves for work. Immediately, the cat jumped wet and pulled the snake into the front two pockets. Then he katukutu drop it, bite into the throat of the throat and tease it. The snake falls into great turmoil and eats, then catches it again. Outside, the crowd gathered to watch the game.

Out of the fence, Chushi suddenly saw Babuda. What has happened nowadays! When you see Babuda, it is as if the chest is shaking. All over the body, a tangpur buzzes at him. Babuda looks pretty. Look at him often. Shame is embarrassed to look at. Though wish.

But the fun of the cat-snake fight that day is one. While everyone was watching the fight, Chushi noticed that Babuda was looking at her at a glance. Chushi threw a thorn in his head. This is what the Shiharan called. There was heavy embarrassment. Every time he removes his eyes, the eye goes to the eyes of Babu. A few times like this, no kisses and eyes were removed. Asked for

In the garden, the cat snatched the snake on the wet ground of the copy.

After this incident, the father was in great trouble. I mean, I knew that bees and peacocks would fight snakes. But the cat thing is pretty Dangerous.

Dad's friend Subhadra says in reply - What do you know about the world? It is always fun to learn, nothing to learn. I already knew about the cat.

-Don't do it handsome. If you did not know why?

  • Or do you have to tell me all the facts?

Thus it seemed to quarrel. It seems everyone's quarrel with dad. Rose.

But the father said - Cats are seeing very useful animals.

Hearing who said - very helpful. Rats kill.

The father said - rat? The rat has no problem. The problem is the snake.

Take this with him