My best photograph photo challenge part #92 - A lawyer's letter

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Lakshmi's mother looked at her with big eyes and said in a loud voice - will I go to the police? But what are you men to do?

When Lakshmi was having an argument with her mother about this, Lakshmi matinee would go to the kitchen to sit down and eat panta.

Lakshmi's mother was born out of the sterile name of Lakshmi, and she did not. She was hopeful of being the only child, but she was more at home to Durga Padgha than her mother. All day long, mother-daughter throaty, buzzing lungs. The two girls are united, the other is a man of distress. What or what? The girl survived in front of her eyes.

After Lakshmi went out to the cinema, Lakshmi's mother told Durgapad - Jamai is not bad, but the people in her house are upset. All of them will be tied to the waist and shipped to the headquarters. Go on What's the matter There is no law in the country. Don't have a courtroom? Don't have a police prison? Divorce is it?

In these cases, it is difficult to know that there is no profit to the police. But he does not even know where to go. He doesn't know that much, he is not a very gentleman. However, he worked as an electrician from Gaispur to Kanchpara. That is to say, lawyers, doctors, and officers like his client have to travel around. That's not to say his money is gone. He took off his bike and went out into the crowd.

There is no dearth of wisdom in the world. On one hand, a mother gave a handwritten address to a lawyer. Whether it is profitable or not, Durgapad does not know. On the first day, Jamai's lawyer read the letter, and the lawyer took a total of twenty-five rupees to talk to him. But still no one could trust him.

Durgapad is still here today. Dizziness all the time in the chest, mouth full of dry throat is an octopus. When the girl falls on the neck, the face can not be shown in society. And it is not just the haramjadi that comes in the neck, but the hair sitting on the neck. It will drop down the hill in two days. The nature knows very hard. Yesterday she showed Lakshmi very affectionate - Maa Go, go to father-in-law to make a business. I'll go with you. If you can, I will send you three hundred bucks a month.

What a laugh Laxmi! Lie sat on her hair, spreading her legs. The face was covered with laughter in his hair. Said - you show the greed of the rocks? If you die, I will receive everything.

The statue was heavily damaged by the statue. Lakshmi's mother said - The man is a fool, he knows it. But I have never seen such a dreadful and menacing person as you. Why Laxmi's father-in-law will go, he is not respected? The day of Jamaat's death is over. Can they not even go to the leg? The rest of the life in this house will sit and eat. What is the girl?

Lawyer's car stopped and stopped. In a hurry, the fortress was about to cross the road, forgetting to pay the price of lemonade. When he came back to pay the price, after hearing that he and his grandfather did not pay the price, the old shopkeeper said in the throat - Okilbabur will be late. Wash hands and feet, eat water, watch for one hour, every day. Is your name written?

Durgapad shook his head - after JanaStake.

-Then take another hour and a half.

-I'm looking at a big problem hall with a big lawyer.

  • It will be easy. He won in the loser case. How many murderers have been released?

Durgaapad said - But nothing happened to me.

  • What is your problem?

-I have a lot of trouble. Jamai is seeking divorce.

-O. Kulup tightened on his face.

Durgapad crosses the road with the price of Lemonade and sits in a crowd of more than thirty people in a house outside Ukilababu. You should sit for two and a half hours. The house is full of bidi and cigarette smoke. It was heard that the lawyer had not yet come to the chamber. Feeling the water is eating. Guttiguti is coming to fruition.

Flick three hours. Knee pains, sore throat, hi got up frequently. Then the call came. Busy big lawyers can't remember seeing clients once or twice, so it's hard to explain the old identities and disagreements. By all means, the lawyer smiled and said - Do you want to prevent the breakdown? But with what to stop? Today, tomorrow, it will break. We do not understand emotions, only understand laws. Who does not love or live in the bus, it is not good to break their marriage or to whom it is good to talk about policies, feelings. The law does not take its toll. I can fight. But Khamoka.

Then the fortune went up by multiplying twenty-five bucks.