My best photograph photo challenge part #99 - The burning eyes

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Karim is standing on the porch. At that time, he saw light in the courtyard. This is the same as the eternal feast - all are different. In a mist like a little milk sack, the moonlight is smiling with a heavy ecstatic look. Cold in the air. The barking dog, sitting in the courtyard, woke up and called out to the baker.

Karim wiped his face in the towel and heard his mother calling him - and the young man gave a giggle. The cold of this time is not good.

Karim, waiting for the world to see the world around the scene. Hit the finger in the door and sing a few songs softly. Don't hit the army.

On the edge of the enclosed courtyard, next to the door on the wall, two manchukaras of the mother's cloak have become hopeless. One-leaf leaves also rate double size. The dog whacked and whacked it repeatedly, then came back down. Instead of looking at Karim's face, he tried to understand.

Karim stops the song - who?

The shadow on the cupboard behind the tortoise said - I am Karim. There was talk. I did not call because I was screaming, you can eat bizarre.

Akshay has become a lawyer. Nowadays the big talk is talk. Doesn't mean

Karim crossed the courtyard and went to the outer room and lit a lamp.

The old man with a shawl emblazoned with a very confident shake leaped up on a chair. Said - Divorce case is not straightforward.

The young eyebrow said to the bitch - Have the parties responded?

-The answer will be so high? So straight or not? Thinking about the response to all the orders I have given, the lawyer will go to Kalgham. However, the exact same thing is not easy.

Karim says in the mouth - what is the force? I see myself being divorced every day.

  • Oh no. The government does not like the divorces thing. There are many laws in the law. Whatever it is, I think, you're relaxed. Do not give anything today?

  • What's the cost? Karim is surprised - the trial has not yet begun.

  • Well, there it is. Because the case has not begun and the lawyer is sitting? Don't have to hand over the hill proof book of the law? Bapu is also responsible for this occasional news. Mahesh wants to talk to the lawyer till he goes to market.

Karim Badger Hall. But he said, 'Okay, tomorrow morning when I go to the factory, I'll come with two bucks.' How do you understand the case?

It is not straightforward to open the Akshaya shawl and to turn around and eat the breeze. Your wife can make a mess. He too has many points. The most difficult one is Masohara.
Karim wakes up and says - If I give Masoharai, why am I feeding a lawyer?

Advocate with comfort - I am thinking about that. They will give key points. And we have to think about the key points. If your wife says that. His father-in-law used to be very oppressive?

What is persecution again? The mother used to do a little fetch, which is what all mothers do. Heavy-haired girl did not care for anyone. On the contrary, they would go to the cinemas without permission, going home to the quarrels with which they would come to condemn us.

-Don't be done?

  • Not in a while. Rather, it made me shake my hand. Gives a bite once. I might have hit one or two. Don't call him a beating.

  • What was the character fault? If there is some benefit. In lieu of divorces, you will receive an analysis, you will not have to pay Masohara.

  • What else? But who else took those inquiries! Akshay Lawyer says to get up and down - it is difficult to say which points will be ticked or which will not be retained. Have to think You'd rather spend four bucks a day.

Karim was more than a burning eye. The real job of Akshay Lawyer is to grant bail. Karim is said to be cheaper, but now there is a heavy doubt that the man standing at the Aegilus will not swallow it all.

Karim didn't seem to like the light anymore. Neither did the song in the neck. Feeling the wrongdoings of one's married life, it is very embarrassing. She has always given the girl to Chilleta. Should have been washed Agapasatla. Then there would be a memory of happiness at hand. Now there is no motion except tooth decay. The court will break the big marriage, do nothing more. The law does not have a beating rule, but it should have.

Lakshmi sat down to say nothing to anyone. At first everyone was caught up with someone else. News on the way, it is not. Has gone to the father's house. The newcomer felt a little relieved. The face survived. But from that point his iron-beaten hands and feet nip.

On the way to the factory in the morning, Karim leaned in the chamber of Akshay Lawyer. The state of the chamber is miserable. The lime sand of the tin rice paddy house above could not get past the dampness of the rainy season. The lawyer's own mattress mattress has burst out. Like three books in a cupboard, Wipoker in a cupboard. Tunnel to the curved mats. The book, however, is a fake, most of the books that are arranged to pay homage to clients. On top of this, the inside is sloping. Akshay Lawyer, sitting in a clutterless house, has been singing the grandson of the grandson of the past. After receiving four bucks, he seriously said - You have won the case.