Beautiful Bangladesh #5

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Friends, I will share with you some things about one of the most beautiful beaches Inani Beach in Bangladesh.

Inani beach:


After the sea beach of Cox's Bazar, one of the other inscriptions is the Inani Sea Beach. It is a coastal area of ​​the Bay of Bengal which has become a tourist center in the late twentieth century. Imani's Tiger in the tourism sector of Cox's Bazar district is Inani. Inani Conurbated Seaboard, about 25 kilometers south of Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. The sea on the west and a wonderful mountain hill attraction is one of the tourist attractions in Bangladesh.

image[source]( Inani + Beach & oq = IN & gs_l = mobile-gws-wiz-img.1.0.0i19l5.10487.14015 .15715 ... 1 .... 336.2123.0j2j6j1 ...... 0 .... 1 ....... 3.jjfi35j0i30i19.CN2yJz% 2B09xc% 3D # imgrc = Q4j8sWdHGVLALM :)

The most attractive inani beach in the beach is 120 km long from Cox's Bazar to Teknaf. Cox's Bazar, the longest boy's beach, is about 1200 kilometers away. Inna Beach is one of the most beautiful, attractive and lightest beaches from Cox's Bazar to Teknaf, which is a hundred and twenty kilometers long beach. In the same way, Inani is said to be the land of nature. From Inan Beach to Teknaf, its natural coral and stone are sealing the sea from the breakdown of the sea. Again, these stones gave the Inane beach an extra beauty that fascinates the mind of the viewer.


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