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Dab water prevents the dehydration of the body, gives increased stimuli. Coconut oil can be used during facial to increase the skin glow.
It is also used in the form of coconut, it is also popular as a food. If you have 15 minutes of body before it gets cooked, the skin will remain moist. Besides, to increase the brightness of the skin, wash the coconut milk made from the home directly on the skin and after 30 minutes wash it. You can use coconut milk even when the age-old stains appear on the skin.
Put the coconut milk on the part of the skin before sleeping in the sun to remove the scars. Then after getting up from the sleep in the morning and getting washed out of the burn scars.
Coconut water is good for keeping the skin well. Due to high levels of potassium in the water, it cools the body. Dab water contains sodium in small quantities.

Thanks it's good..

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I'm not familiar with this aplication. Can you tell me about it? How does it work. What is the advantage of using it?

It's an application where you can Upvote, Write Post and Comment and it's very fast. It gives you points on using it.

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Thanks for your kind information.

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