Along the Danube Bank

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Taking walks in nature is one of my favorite activities because it positively influences both health and mood. It's a good thing that there's a lot of such beautiful places in my city that nurture the soul where one can spend time and enjoy.

One of those places is a Danube river bank called "The Quay of Liberation" located close to my home. Nice weather and a camera in my hand resulted in the images below.

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your every photos are good & I like so much. but personally I most like the last 2nd one.

Thanks for stopping by, @shawonsahriar!

prva slika sa labudom ima pobednicko mesto u ovom postu :)

Hvala ti! I meni je ta omiljena :)

Wow those pictures are truly amazing ! love them.. I read about the Danube river and for a second I thought you were living in Budapest too.. because its the river seperating the Buda from the Pest side here..

I love Danube, it's a beautiful river. I've been to Budapest few times, it's just 5-hour drive from Belgrade. Amazing city! Thank you @anouk.nox :)

I can imagine, I already like it here in Budapest.. Maybe next year we will go on holiday in one of the countries next to hungary, Croatia or something.. this year we will stay in Hungary (just moved here in September so lots to see) I guess we will visit lake balaton :) You're welcome, the pictures are amazing!

I know there is a lot to see in Hungary, so I'm sure you'll have a great time. Swing by to Belgrade when you get a chance. :)

Your photos are very calm and pastoral - you obviously had a nice break and reconnected with nature.

It was a nice break from everyday hassle. Thank you, Kathleen!

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