A ginormous agaricus

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I came across this giant mushroom yesterday morning after we had had a decent amount of rain.


I am sure my friend @haphazard-hstead , forager of note, would be able to tell me all about this particular beauty. I back searched this photo on Google to try and ascertain what 'class' this particular one falls into. The closest I could come to is Agaricus Campestris although I am fairly sure it is not the exact one


There was a smaller one which was obviously a bit older as it had a slightly longer stem which gave me an opportunity to photograph underneath the cap.


To put the size in context I placed my foot next to it ......


Any smart agaricus cogniscenti out there? I would love to know if these are edible or not.


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Wow.. Wow that is something big brother!..
The great one..
I love to shots the mushrooms too. I'll be posting to another day..😁😁

photography is amazing, I am amazed with your post, thank you for a variety of mushrooms that can be useful for everyone, hope your day is fun, I will resten, hope you can help me forever friend yes.

I enjoy his @themagus mushrooms are often there if the rainy rain he grows in places where the bushes are like piles of jemi.

your photography relative our life.

very beautiful mushrooms plus a very fresh morning dew and very nice photography @themagus .l love it.

What is that brother @themagus?

Very real.it seems mushrooms infront of me..

photography extraordinary I am very happy to see his friends. hope I just one, you can support me with all my him. I always support you.

Iupvote and resteem @themagus

very beautiful mushrooms can be an organic medicine and photography is veryvkeren comrade, upvote me.@themagus

I like mushrooms, the rainy season I see it

Wow .. That's a very large mushroom. I have never seen before. I also do not know if this mushroom can be eaten. Good luck always for you @themagus.

That's a decent sized shroomi :O

It's been raining here so we might go mushrooming sometime over the next couple of weeks. I'm glad one of us knows what we're looking for or we'd be in a lot of trouble XD