MyPictureDay Challenge Round #8 + Winners announcement Round #7

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MyPictureDay #7 Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the seventh MyPictureDay photography challenge. You gave me a really hard time picking the winners. There were many good entries and I proudly present you the first three places and some honorable mentions!

First Place

By @ahsansaeed - Press here for the full post

Second Place

By @inzeen - Press here for the full post

Third Place

By @torem-di-torem - Press here for the full post

Honorable mention:

Walking home through Frankfurt

Now it's your turn!

Let us know how your PhotographyDay looks like! Grab your camera (or mobile phone) and go out, take some shots and share them on Steemit!
The best PictureDay post gets 50 SteemPower onto his account, the second place 25 SteemPower and the third place 10 SteemPower. Honorable mentions will receive 5 SteemPower.

How to you participate?

  • Make a photography post with at least three shots and tag them with the hashtag: mypictureday and photography, resteem this post.
  • Important! Write MyPictureDay in the title of the post. For instance: Flower Power - MyPictureDay Submission
  • Only use your own work. You are not allowed to use any stock images. Every entry will be reverse-searched and automatically disqualified when other peoples content was found.
  • The pictures must be from the week of the entry.
  • Deadline for your entry is every Saturday 8 pm UTC.
  • Write us what you did on this day and what camera you used for your shots.
  • You can use any device that takes pictures. iPhones, DSLRs, analog cameras, any phone etc.

    1st Place = 50 SteemPower

    2nd Place = 25 SteemPower

    3rd Place = 10 SteemPower

Steem on my friends!



I think this kind of post is truly what a community like Steemit needs in order to prosper. Grazie @timsaid

I think To this are really abored i dont like

Im Latino ! Live Colombia

Thanks . Appreciated👍

Thank you so much for choosing my post for the first position! I am trying really hard to get my place in your sight. It is a great honor to get selected by you! Thank you once again. :)
Upvoted and Resteemed

You totally deserve it!
Congratulations ahsansaeed

Sir, Waiting for reward!

Great contest! Thanks for sharing and making our platform more and more convivial while spicing it up with some rewarding healthy fun!!!

Namaste :)

Thanks for the feedback Eric!

It's great to see people engaging and go out taking pictures. To share means to make others happy and that's what I like to do

Word! Namaste :)

cool :)

Awesome contest & Congratulation to winners

this is great.............

Thanks . Appreciated👍

Hmm well I will try with my Huawei P9 Lite :D

Congratulations to winners! :)

It's amazing!
Congratulations to the winners!

Cool contest and very nice picks. Congratulations to the winners!


If you got to much money just put some rings on your feed :)

I want to post the Picture of the year......Its not mine but thought about sharing i allowed???

@timsaid am following you and i upvote all your posts and i always get amazed upon seeing your photographs and that also mobile photography i do my photo shoot with my iphone 6 too becoz i dont own an dslr camera ..

If I may argue, this kind of post is really a community like the needs of steemit in order to prosper.

can I ask you ?

Those are some amazing pictures. Kudos to those selected and many who were not. I seen some great pictures under that hashtag

Thanks . Appreciated👍

i will to participate in this contest.
and i will share this information to my friends.


What a wonderfully original photocontest. Cant believe I've only just found it.

You should try mate, this is amazing contest, you will fell so good , give a try

Oh my god
I sure can got it
Thanks for this information
I will try it

Thanks for the arranging such a great contest @timsaid. Congratulations to all winners :)

good job buddy..!!

thx for sharing


congratzz :) check this pic <3 wholly awesome by s6 samsung <3

congratulation to all the winners..

wow amazing and content. love this

This is a good challenge. Especially for the minnows. @timsaid that is good

This is good Contest ... anyone can join..

Here is what i have to show for the photo of the day? can you tell me if you see something interesting in it or no?

Simply Great Photography , thanks !! (here is my new post beautiful-flowers-entrance)

I will have a look

Steem on!

I like your articles, I with impatience expect something new. thank you very much that by sharing this pictures here. Keep up the good work. :)

You inspired me! I want to pick up a camera and take the challenge))) Great!

Give a try , you will love it. Also Thanks . Appreciated👍

cool contest... and
to winners...congratulation guys...!!!

Thanks . Appreciated👍

Cool contest and also fantastic nature photos congratulations to winners <3

thats lovely

Congratulations on the success of all participants

Thanks . Appreciated👍

Great pictures !

You are a special person always follow your topics and writings and enjoy it, you are a jewel

Congratulations to winners!!
Very good pictures and stories!

Thanks . Appreciated👍

these are awesome pictures! i can't wait to post for #8 @timsaid!

Danke schön, Tim! Schöne Restwoche noch

Gleichfalls! Lass es dir gut gehen

hey @timsaidi i'm intersent with the tourism follow i already following you to build a corporation

Amazing choices for the winners. Good quality pictures ❤

Thanks . Appreciated👍

You're welcome

Congrats to all the winners, these photos looks great , thanks for the share

Thanks . Appreciated👍

Amazing photos :)

Thanks . Appreciated👍

Very wonderful friend and even the eyes are not hard to guess what a photo ... I like this post @timsaid

Congratulations to winner

wow amazing picture @timsaid. i like it so much. i think you are great and pro photographer. i believe u have many great posting about photography with best shot and correct angle, waiting for latest post. Let's waking to my blog I have some beutiful photos on my wall.
i ve followed u, follow me back please. thank for visiting my wall

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When will the results of next challenge be announced?

This sounds very cool. I just posted 10 sunset pictures I have taken randomly over the last few years today. I did not know this was part of steemit but now that I do, I'll be participating regularly with new content.

You know FascistBook and tweeker ain't got nuttin like dis!


great pictures. I bet @timsaid had a tough time picking the winner. :)

Oh yes it wasn't that easy

Many many thanks 🙏 to you mate for selecting my elora lovely toe feet snaps shots, very appreciated, as i always do follow your every post and when i stop on this competition post i couldnt not stop my self and just created a magic. Thanks again mate

This is the kind of progressive community that I'm looking for! Thank you! And I would love to join as well :)

The competition is such a fantastic idea. Love the winning images!

Congratz to all winners :) i have posted <3 i am participating too <3 :) check out everyone :) @timsaid :) <3

How to post or get involved in this?

Its simply written in the bottom of the post, good luck mate

nice post i love your photo, i upvote you 100%. please help me to upvote and followe me @maulanailham

Thank you team for selecting my portrait , very appreciated , will post more unique and touching pictures , also thanks all the friends for liking it 👍

Beautiful pics. I especially liked the third one. Never seen that kind of pic before, except in cartoons.

Hi i upvoted your all post you done great job on steemit you are my ideal
May god bless you

Great contest! Thanks for sharing

Super post, I like your post, thank you for sharing! Have a nice day!

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I want to be with your friend

Thanks . Appreciated👍Will follow you

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Nice contest and cool pics!

Your choice of winners is really great iam totally agree with you in this,and you provide a great value in photography buddy @timsaid

wow, very generous / cool

Congratulation Ahsan Saeed

It a good challenge forcus. Thanks

Good post , need to get out and take some pics to participate ❤️

gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodddddd job

Congrats to winners well deserved win I can understand the photograph 1 as I am from India.

Nice work, I'm gunning for your first place

A race like this should we follow to know about the quality of our photos

Nice pictures!!

magnific picture!

Great photography......

lovely post.. do follow back and help upvote my posts. thanks

Blessing @timsaid gonna see if I could join this contest

when will be the next my picture day? I like to join it.

Great contest! Congratulations to all winners,now i need to grab my camera to take pictures :D

You should try and Thanks . Appreciated👍

full of Beautiful culture, life, and nature. So cool!

Thank you for this amazing contest! You guys are very engaged in your community and i am proud to be apart of such a positive and well rounded group of people.

Congratulation to winners

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