MyPictureSunday #18 - The early Bird catches the ... Fish + MyPictureDay Challenge Round #11

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My Steemian friends! Finally it's about time again: The MyPictureSunday series is back and so is the MyPictureDay photography challenge!

Never heard of it? Don't worry at the end of this post you will find a detailed explanation and how you can enter. Make sure to read it carefully and abide by the rules. Before we come to the contest, let me show an example of how an entry can look like. So, basically you should show us on Steemit how your day was. Grab your camera or phone and let's go!

Today I woke up very early in the morning (seriously, very early) to get to the famous Hamburg Fish Market. It's a traditional market that is right next to the harbor of Hamburg and people from all around the world just come to see it. Only few minutes walk away is the famous Reeperbahn, a place where people go party and drink all the night. After celebrating some walk over to the Fish Market to see the sunrise and have a little snack.

As I arrived it was still dark and the sun was about to rise. The only light that illuminated the scereny was by the light bulbs and the moon.

Despite the fact that it was 7 am in the morning, the narrow streets were already flooded with people. You literally could buy anthing here.

Want a coffee to wake up? No problem, here you go! It's too cold and you need some new gloves and a scarf? We got it. But the main attraction are the fruit salesmen screaming over the whole market with their best bargain they offer. It's fun cause they try to make a show out of it and it works. A pretty good show!

Just as I finished taking my pictures I noticed the sun was rising and the sky turned slowly red. What a great way to start the day!

Now it's your turn!

Let us know how your PhotographyDay looks like! Grab your camera (or mobile phone) and go out, take some shots and share them on Steemit!

The best PictureDay post gets 20 SBD onto his account, the second place 10 SBD and the third place 5 SBD.

How to you participate?

  • Make a photography post with at least three shots and tag them with the hashtag: mypictureday and photography, resteem this post.
  • Important! Write MyPictureDay in the title of the post. For instance: Flower Power - MyPictureDay Submission
  • Only use your own work. You are not allowed to use any stock images. Every entry will be reverse-searched and automatically disqualified when other peoples content was found.
  • The pictures must be from the week of the entry.
  • Deadline for your entry is Sunday 14.01, 8 pm UTC.
  • Write us what you did on this day and what camera you used for your shots.
  • You can use any device that takes pictures. iPhones, DSLRs, analog cameras, any phone etc.

1st Place = 20 SBD

2nd Place = 10 SBD

3rd Place = 5 SBD

Steem on my friends!



P.s.: Update: I am looking for two other Steemians who would like to join the jury! DM on @timsaid

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Haha, in Africa people always said early bird can eat warm!

Hey Tim, your photography is at least as on point as it was back in the starting days! It's great to see that you kept active here on Steemit until now. I had to concentrate on my studies so I had to leave Steemit for a while but I'm seeing so many familiar faces putting out such great content that I really want to start producing my own posts again. Now if you'll excuse me; I have about a year's worth of your posts to enjoy ;)

Lets upvote.... Steem for life

Same @dercoco - a few friends and I took a break from Steemit for a while, but we've been lured back by some of the great content we're seeing pop up on the platform.

Great photos @timsaid - you've inspired me to blow the dust off my old Nikon D90, which I've always had a fondness for over my Canon gear, and to go on a photo adventure.

i think i need to by a good camera to make such nice photo)

Ah, I am new to steemit, but I already love all the options and this community. It really feels raw and real, with new starting conversations. I will def. take part this week :)

Hey Tim, great pictures! I recently went to Hamburg for NewYears, but unfortunately I missed the fish market (again - somehow I did not manage it yet to be there on a Sunday). :D I will def. take part this week! :)

Amazing photos you got there. They look so clear and high quality. Love it!

Amazing photography, I have a Canon camera sitting down for years, making me want to do something about it haha

The contest sound very interesting. But bad grey weather at the moment here in south not the best time to take pictures...

Any ghost stories in your area? If so gloomy weather is a great time to photo those locations and tell the myth around them with your post.

Try to be creative and use the bad weather for your advantage. I am curious to see what you will bring us :)

Steem on!

An amazing contest here @Timasaid, one of my favorite people here, contest, here I come

Love the tone of your pictures!

Nice to see a photog with skills making money on steem. Nice shots, cool contest, I will try to get my friend to enter.

Nice photographs so so on point

I am here wondering how you manage to get such amazing pictures

As always your photos are magnificent to look at. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this contest @timsaid. This weekend we went out with my family and took some photos, hope you will enjoy them, too :))

Omg I love these :) I think my fave is the one of the lady in front of the produce. But they're all great :)

Great shots, loving the mood! And it IS so true that the early bird catches the fish. Kudos! 👊🏻

so beautiful

Amazing and very interessing post thank you for sharing
resteemed and shared in the steemit

your photography is in any event as on point as it was back in the beginning days...!

It's extraordinary to see that you kept dynamic here on Steemit as of recently.

I needed to focus on my examinations so I needed to leave Steemit for some time however I'm seeing such a significant

number of well-known faces putting out such extraordinary substance that I truly need to begin creating my own posts once more. Presently on the off chance that you'll pardon me; I have about a year's wort..

Carry on dear..
I will wait for next post..✌✌✌

Awesome photographs! The best pictures are taken before most people awaken.

Super coole Fotos vom Fischmarkt!

Waw amazing..Very nice your photo..i like this..@timsaid

Waw amazing..Very nice your photo..i like this.. @timsaid

Delighted to join the competition and upvote

The fish market is really very amazing and beautiful place and you have captured these photos very perfectly.
This is a wonderful place for visit.
Thanks for sharing this beautiful photography.

Wow your wotks are really amazing sir. I am a big fan of photography and still learning. As a newbie I got lots of tips from pictures like these

I love these photographs! Good work.

really wonderful and perfect shots love your work thank you for the post we wait for the other post

Omg!!! such a incredible photography, I just don't believe my eyes. This photography level is very high. I appreciate it. @timsaid

good piece 💯

nice posttttttt

The pictures are so cool :)

Hey! I love this idea! I'm new to Steemit but will give it a shot this week. Great pictures from the Hamburg Fish Market!

You are really genius man.Excellent photography man.It's a really beautiful place.

What'a photography man.I like your work.
And beautiful place.

Great Photos, you really are a professional. 😮

Why is the fish market worth visiting in the morning, where you searching for the hussle and bussle of that time of day?
I'm glad the contest is back, if I manage to capture something nice I'm going to give it a shot.

Beautiful place and photos.

Your photos are beautiful. Thanks for the info :) @timsaid

friend tremendous pictures I congratulate you

A nice walk. It looks so "out of time". These markets sell already so many hundreds of years! They still have this spirit of adventure, active and original trade. In many countries there is a special market where you can walk all day and enjoy. And buy something really unpredictable. I really liked your series of photos. I'd join this week if the weather will allow me to get out with my camera.

Something is fishy! You say it's a fish market but there is no fish in the photos! Magic...
Who stole all the fish?? Where is fish police?? Come out with your hands up and I will spare you this time! And give back all fishes!

@timsaid Great pictures. Is hard to be believe how much action is going on at the fish market. The contest sounds like a lot of fun! Happy Sunday :)

These pictures are beautiful and lovely... I truly love seeing this kinda things, thanks for feeding my eyes with these amazing beauties...thanks for sharing....

Awesome ill give this a go

정말 멋있는 사진입니다~!!!와~

such a lovely market. I'd love to be there, in Germany , right?

The reeperbahn was wear the Beatles played in Hamburg before getting famous.

Nice photos. You are doing amazing work.

Your competition is a good chance to express yourself here on Steemite. I hope many users will find themselves loyal followers and grateful readers! You unite the community, thereby synchronizing its rhythm. Reestim and great gratitude.

Awesome collection of shots!

Once again, I'm convinced that your photos are incredibly professional and each of them has a holiday atmosphere. In my country today is an idyllic Christmas and therefore it is your photos that seem to me to be festive, although they are not such.
I like the atmosphere that you convey to your audience and how you can perceive it.
Thank you, once again, for the pleasure of my eyes

Awesome set of photos, they really tell the story!

excellent friend photos i have no words

I love this idea! I normally don’t take a lot of photos when I’m not traveling, unless it’s a holiday or someone’s birthday. I suppose I will need to focus this week on the beauty around me every day. What a concept...🙂

Beautiful pictures!

All beautiful picture

Wow the pictures are amazingly beautiful....loved it thank you for sharing

Really incredible photos! I love your style, very documentary style. You might like my posts too, feel free to check them out!

Hi Tim,

I am not sure, but was to aware if the results of last mypicture of the day announced?


Hey thanks for doing this is pretty cool!
Check out my last post if you like it upvote and follow me for more.
Cheers =)

Nice photos, did you use HDR effect?

This is really epic wonderful shots :D

Great article! Upvoted!

Wihhhh. Veri nice

As beautful as it cud be!!!

Within your photos, even ordinary things or everyday routine can gain new colours.
When people go to the market they just go to the market and that's it.
But when I look at this through your magic lens everything becomes something unordinary.
I don't know how to explain my English sucks :d

Very great Sunday pictures of Marketplace :-)

I can't wait to see the pictures of the winners! I love all the photos. I hope I didn't enter the competition too late!

this is gonna be a cool in sir.. :) did your thing with those shots man, especially the one with the baskets of fruits. DOPE!

Wonderful photography :)

Thank you very much for giving us the gift of a great photography photography

Awesome photographs! i can almost feel the cold! lol..

great pictures tim

These are incredible night shots Tim!

beautiful pic :)

Good day, Tim. They are very impressed photos.
I used to realize when I thought it's too early, but there are many people there. this is one of my tips from my life.
Many thanks for my reminder..

This is beautiful! You have such a great way of capturing moments

hi sir @timsaid would like to clarify any pictures which shot by camera ?there is no theme??

it looks like a cool place to holiday from seeing his picture I want to quickly feel the atmosphere there

Wow brother, your talented behind the lens. Love the contrast, darkness, and clarity. Capturing the moment.

Wow ! Everything looks amazing ! Really great shots of beautiful place ! You are great on photography !!

Nice photos.. specially fruit basket pics are awesome..

the last shot was quite amazing and wonderful :)

wow. very nice pics

Really really nice shot!!

Amazing photography! Really enjoyed to see it :)

good job contest

Wie sind so viele Leute schon so früh an diesem Markt? Erstaunlich :D

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