Sundayselfies Contest 2 ( the DUO)

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Some pretty ladies from church today


my humbly self

Sundayselfies Contest

Last week was super fun. I was amazed by the fabulous of response I got from this wonderful community. I am grateful. Thank you.

This week I have decided to increase the giveaway to $20. I hope to keep increasing the giveaway(prizes and gift money) every week.

One day I will giveaway $1000.

How to Participate

All you have to do is UPVOTE, RESTEEM and COMMENT on this post with a selfie of your own.


  • Have fun!
  • You can make as many entries as possible.
  • The selfie you upload must be your own.
  • You can upload selfies with other people(i.e as a group).
  • You must upvote a selfie (at least one selfie) that is not your own. This way everyone gets to vote for everyone else. This discourages selfishness and makes it more fun.
  • A single participant cannot win two categories.


  • the selfie with the highest number of
    upvotes gets $4
  • the selfie with the highest payout gets $4.
  • the selfie with the second highest number of
    upvotes gets $2
  • the selfie with the second highest payout gets $2.
  • the first selfie to be uploaded gets $2
  • the last selfie to be uploaded gets $2

Honorary judges category

As a measure to honour our previous winners, I have nominated them to be our honorary judges.
If they accept this herculean task, they would receive the power to choose two winners based on their own terms. This means that each of them gets to choose one winner and I would give the winners $2.

The theme for Next Week Sundayselfies



blowkiss or pouted lips


Sundayselfies contest is my way of showing love and giving back to the steemit community.

It's a weekly selfie contest that opens on Sunday and closes on Saturday.



Nice one, beautiful selfies with beautiful/handsome faces. This is simply cool. Upvoted !

Thanks @tojukaka for this interresting contest. Here is my "duo" submission with my friend in the backseat.

@dorth. I like the fact that you decided to do your entry in the car with the other person just showing briefly. #ilikeit. You have my upvote.

Thanks bro. You got the twist.

@Dorth my man

Thank you for coming bro and thank you for accepting to be one of our honorary judges

Thank you for using seatbelts too

That's a creative way of saying dotman. #safety

I like car selfie

Yeah... It comes out nice.

Thanks @tojukaka for this awesome contest!! this is my 1st entry to the contest , a selfie with my dad


Upvoted, resteemed and followed !

Good vibes to you all from venezuela <3

Nice my Venezuelan friends!

Thanks for coming bro

Welcome. This is my first entry as well.

Thank you <3 i just upvoted for you...

Wooow u look jxt like your dad.

yees right?

Fulfilling the rules with my selfie

Here with my sister


made in venezuela

Owwww ur cute lil sis got my upvote lol


Ur sister though
She had to do that face..

hahaha it's beautiful and funy

So cute, your sister is so pretty even though she makes that weird face lol

I told him to smile but he did not want to lol --.--

Beautiful sister 😁😁😁

hahaha yes lol

I'm sure kiddo is loyal

Beautiful sister you've got there

yes I know it's beautiful

Beautiful sister you've got there

yes I know it's beautiful

Great one...Love it amazing! ^_^

upped ! Good luck !

makeup free but hopefully camera ready...

Sorry. You did say "The Duo" ok let me try again...
This is me with the locks resting on the rocks and next to me is my cousin I'm visiting from Florida. She's a dancer and great one at that.


I love this!

Glowing skin.....prefect, u jxt got ursef a new admirer.

Woooow........i love u sweety,........u have upupvote

Hello guys! Here I leave my selfie, I hope you like it! Do not forget your upvote !!!

انت الشمس والباقي نجوم
You are the sun and the rest are stars

You are the sun and the rest are stars

thank you very much :)

Hello! Here is my entry, posing with my friend @troilo! Good luck everybody! Cheers from Switzerland!


In reality we are really sweet. (Like your blood, yummy yummy.) Haha. ;-)

Hey! But... I didn't give you the rights to put my face here! It's copyrighted.

Oh... Ok we have masks. You have my permission. ;-)


Thanks for coming
Great to have you here

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! Is this horrible and i like it.

Hellooo beautiful community! here is my sundayselfie with my gorgeous little cousin. Shouting our happiness to the world lol.

Thank you for the contest.


Truly gorgeous cousin u have

Thank you😊!

This is so lovely
You are beautiful and she is CUTE
100% upvote from me

😯 Woow, thank you so much for your generosity😊 I adore her.

Is amazing how u knock me off ma feet.

Hahaha thank you.

Thanks for participating. This is awesome :)

We've been a DUO for 11 years now💖

May you guys be together forever

That is our full intention. Thank you @dorth!

You guys are meant for each other

Exactly right! Still in love after 11 years💑

I really appreciate your participation bro

And I really love your contest! Keep up the good work; you are very generous😊

I smell love

Absolutely! And lots of it!

Woooow! u guyz look great together.

Thank you so much😃

This is beautiful :)

So are you 😉

My turn to win😂😂. Thanks @tojukaka for this awesome contest, I got a token from last week contest!!! You definitely getting to when you will give $1,000!! Steemit got you!

Now, this mine!!!

I love the view

Upvoted bro. Like ur concept.

Hello everyone :D

Here is my entry


grettings from Venezuela :D

Nice one pouting

Wish you could greet me again, upvoted

An angel in the contest? I didnt know angels are on steemit goodness!

hahahahah thank youuu :D

You are pretty
Love your pouted lips selfie

I like this :D

Hi guys , kindly help to upvote this my comment. Thank you.

Getting ready for church(church thingz)

Selfie with my good friend (the Duo).

With another good sister (it all about selfie)

With my church choir members (I love God)

My School Almunai Crew (Sunday selfies all the way)

Please don't forget to upvote this my comment . Thank you all and have a great week.

Thank you @tojukaka alias K-money.

U put up an album ..........breaking protocol, u have my upvote man.

This your entry make me laugh ooo
Thanks bro

I just dey try my best o.

This is a crowdie. Lol

Pls dont win again

I cant even if i want to

Habah .........lets have the steem this time

Awesome contest, upvoted and resteemed. Here is my 1st entry

Thank you for coming bro

My pleasure :-)

Wooooow! Quality picture

Thanks a lot bro

Thanks for the comment @bitfairy

Hololo @tojukaka you brought something I enjoy doing

My entry...guys kindly upvote and support. ..tnx

‪+234 908 126 2149‬ 20170903_175145.jpg

First to post😀😀😀

Please resteem

Done sir

😂😂nice one!!

Nice is that ur bro.........he almost look like u.

a very close friend of mine

I uploaded on your other post😂. But here it is again: My brother and me , having fun !

Wooooooooooooow! Mouth widely opened u have my upvote bro.

I don't envy the judges of this contest. They've got to a hard choice to make. Lol

Yep. It's going to be difficult. I wish the judges the best of luck 👍.

When I heard the theme was duo I first thought of taking the selfie with a girl because I noticed from last Sunday's contest that yall tend to upvote female pictures more. But then, I felt I should not give in to stereotype. Intead let people upvote if they truly like the selfie and its concept. So here's mine, A picture with my bestie. I might not win Buh at least I can say I participated and shared some love. Steem on my good family.
2017-07-27 18.028889

Exactly bro. Earn it ....and if not i still gatvur back.

Thanks bruh

Sunday Selfie!

Pretty..........u have anoda admirer

Thank you for coming for sundayselfies
I love your hair

You put the A in Awesome :)

hearty.jpg.All the love i and i

My entry.
Let's see those who enjoyed my shower of kisses last week


Jammey my man
Thank you for coming bro

Thanks bro

Lol.............u have my upvote man.

Myself and my beautiful baby daniela

Cute kid u gat there bro 👍

She is the finest

Too many pretty ladies!

JEff SaulGoodMan 8-18-17 at 2.51 PM #3.jpg

Thank you for coming bro. Lol


Followed all rules, upvoted, resteemed and followed

Dem bro i know i shudnt be saying this ryt now bt the truth got to be said u are dem handsome man.......nice pix, u hav my upvote.

This I've taken some special photos of me
I wish you would like it and vote for it hahahah

Image of Yaktocat

Image of Yaktocat

Image of Yaktocat

Thank you for coming bro

That's a great idea to break the monotonous posts on the platform.

For the duo now, it's mommy and son thing. We go crazy together, no wonder she's my mom. Thanks once again @tojukaka for this interesting contest. Makes me enjoy the photogenic part of me

Mama killing it, lovely

She's my ride or die, thanks ey

Totally love this pic... Ur mum got swag!

Lol...I can say that a million times...thanks

2016 edition😎😎

Upvoted, resteemed

Multiple selfies allowed!IMG_20170811_132814.jpg
Black and white kings

Reminds me of 90s

Great pics man. Upvoted.

Wao, what a nice pictures

Thanks @tojukaka for an opportunity to participate as a honorary guest judge after of cause winning in the maiden edition. I accept this task and my condition would simply be "attention to detail". I guess this shouldn't exempt me from participating 😁 (at least in other categories other than the one I would be selecting)

You would not select yourself


What a nice things