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I captured all of these image with my Nikon D5300 when I was travelling with my friends to shake hands with wildlife and to see the mother nature.
Every single photograph of this album is from Raja Singh wildlife Santuary India



I was about to go from the jungle because I and my guide was not able to find any single tiger their. But it was my luck I found one of them and I was sure that he was not happy with my presence.



I kept on clicking pictures where ever he go and he always see me like this as if I am his girlfriend's father. Kidding



My guide said that you are the most lucky person to a look and to take tons of picture.
I don't know why he said those words and as Is I care.



Thank you for coming to my blog and appreciate me if you like my photography.
I will come back with more photographs of cute little and big animals.

Keep sharing, Keep loving.


Stunning action photos of this amazing tiger. What a fantastic experience. Thanks for sharing.

Yeah ! It was one of my finest experience with wildlife.

hey, you have clicked some awesome photos of that king of jungle. keep it up..

Thank you @uneeb
Upvote me and follow me !! I'll do the same
And welcome to steemit 😇

well thanku. done. now your turn

@totalgyan i need a help from you?

Yes, please tell me how can I helpyou ?

Lucky you to take these awesome photos. Good the tiger was not hungry ;-) upvoted

Don't worry he knows that you're not going to harm them

Ahh your he is talking your language ;-)

All amazing images. Really feel the second image has something very special. 🙏 ♥︎🙏

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