Today 7-2-2020 I will wear pink

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Hello friends
Today 7-2-2020 I will wear pink.
Not for anything special or yes? I do not know
I only know that this morning when I went to the square to go to work, the pink has flooded me.
IMGP3061 copia.jpg
My soul was filled with joy, they flourished and they gave me good morning shouting:
-Hello, look how beautiful we are with our pink dress, we promise you that the long dark days will go away and the heat you like so much is here.
IMGP3046 copia.jpg

IMG_7119 copia.jpg

IMGP3058 copia.jpg
You will say that trees do not speak and you are very wrong, if you observe them well they tell you things.
IMGP3047 copia.jpg
These magnolios today have made my day and I want you all to enjoy this wonderful moment in sight, that promise of well-being and beauty in the world, that everything is not black or bicolor.
IMGP3057 copia.jpg
Pink has always been said to be for silly girls, but this time it is pure beauty, to the point that I would like to be part of it of the joy she shares with all of us and that you enjoy these photographs taken on a Friday almost with the Legañas in the eyes and still half asleep.
IMG_7122 copia.jpg

IMG_1044 copia.jpg

IMG_7128 copia.jpg
Beauty and joy are everywhere we look, just be attentive and nature will give you a smile, without asking for anything.
IMGP3056 copia.jpg
Pamper her and she will give you joy, it's our house, treat her well.
IMG_1042 copia.jpg

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Wow! Nice flower photos :)

thank you very much happy friday

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many finally friday

Qué preciosos colores, la tarjeta inconfundible de una Primavera que ya comienza a meterle prisa al invierno. Feliz día

espero que no sea solo un amago y el buen tiempo llegue pronto
feliz dia juankar

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thank you very much finally friday
I'll leave beer for this Friday night crazy haha

Gorgeous shots and terrific photo essay

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hello thank you very much happy friday

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thank you very much did you see your pink day

wow beautiful flowers my friend. Awesome photographs.

yes it was a nice surprise this morning

Love the shot with the petal on the concrete - very cool composition!

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Siempre espectacular, como debe ser mi querida Reina
Besos y abarzo.

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