Random rabbit on a cloudy day

in #photography7 months ago


After work today I had to go by our shop at the boss's place to drop off material that another coworker had given me.

As I was pulling in, I saw this rabbit kit over beside the gravel driveway. He appeared to be sleeping.

It's not unusual to see rabbits there. I see them most mornings that I stop by usually between 6 and 6:30. I occasionally see them in the afternoon but whenever I drive up they always hightail it to the tree line.

I backed up to the shop and got out. He sat there.

I got out. He sat there.

I moved over to him slowly and he started getting a little skittish but stayed. I was within a foot of him to take this photo.

I reached over and touched him and then he took off like a shot.

I can't say for certain, but I think he was an eastern cottontail (Sylvìlagus floridanus). I've never really thought about how many different species there are in North America.


you know when i lived in the USA, particularly in the midwest, we would have these in our yard, wild, on a regular basis. I have never seen a rabbit in the wild in Asia. Only in a pet store.

I'm from the southeast and now living in the midwest. I saw a few rabbits growing up and the dogs would bring one home every now and again, but i never see them when u go back. Daddy said he hadn't seen one in years.