The decoration of our nature

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Rowan is decorated with many gardens, house gardens, and just forest expanses of Russia.

In autumn rowan - true Queen, bright orange berries clusters visible from afar, and the leaves are yellow, brown, red, orange and green tint.

From other berries of the rowan is distinguished by its characteristic bitterness. From the point of view of chemical composition, the bitterness of this substance is called amygdalin. He is not only in the rowan, it can also be felt in the seed kernels of apricot, plum and other berries. This substance is not safe: in the stomach amygdalin can be decomposed to hydrocyanic acid, so bitter rowan better not a lot to eat, and eat after a small frost. Frost destroys glycosides ( including amygdalin), and rowan becomes non-hazardous to use.

Rowan is a real storehouse of health. For health purposes are used and berries, and tree bark. The fruit is taken to collect after the first frost, and the bark either in the winter (it is believed that the tree is sleeping) or in the spring.

Rowan is a good General tonic. It is useful to use (berries, juice) for strengthening the nervous system, as a diaphoretic and a laxative, in the treatment of rheumatism, kidney stones, gout. Also rowanberry juice helps high blood pressure, people with liver disease and sight.

A special conversation about wine from rowan . It is in Russian culture takes a special place.Unlike other fruit wine, rowanberry wine was considered almost forbidden, it is allowed to use only in depression, severe loss of strength or exacerbation of nervous diseases.

In our forests of rowan a lot. To ignore it is impossible. Bright bunches like red corals, delight our view in the fall.

Photos taken with Canon a1300

30 second exposure


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