The personification of the spirit of pride and freedom

in #photography4 years ago

Tiger is a symbol of the spirit of pride and freedom.
The Duo of power and beauty. He's not an evil monster from children's fairy tales, and not a good cat. Curious and at the same time secretive. Bright and unusual, but perfectly disguised.

The tiger is the largest and most heavy cat and so is one of the largest terrestrial predators. It comes second in mass only to the polar bear, and is one of the four members of the genus panther.

Tiger's a great runner, but only on short distances. While hunting, tiger is trying to act cleverly. First, watches and guards the victim, and begins to chase only a short distance away.Despite the fact that the tiger cat, is a very good swimmer. He loves the water, and the not against of a hot day to lie in the water, escaping the heat and annoying insects.

Noble, very loyal, caring - qualities which include tigers, and people born in this year! For example, I do :)

This tiger I did. This is one of my works :)

The softness of the domestic cat and the power of the predator! A very interesting combination!
Tiger for me - it's my life style!

Sometimes the notice for a the habits of the tiger! Rage! Softness! Treachery!Trick! Weasel! Kindness! Cruelty...I think these words fully characterize tigers! Actually me too...)))
I am in love with these animals!

Dream to have a couple of kittens... :)

Photos taken with Canon a1300

30 second exposure


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Валентина, очень красивые фотки, и красивый рисунок. Наверное как все женщины у меня слабость к семейцтву кошачих, спасибо за блог

Спасибо! :)

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