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RE: Some Perspective on Walls — Silver Leaf, Storm Clouds, and Ancient Stone

Here on the coast of Oregon, I am often called to destroy walls (that need it) and replace them with new. I always feel ambivalence when I pull apart and down the faded grey cedar that gains such subtle color and texture from the savage storm winds off the sea blasting it with sand.

I have gathered up some old, suitably aged and textured boards that I intend to craft into bird and bathouses, someday....soon... LOL

I don't work much with stone, but am gathering some of that up too. I have presently some black and some white marbles and granites from countertops I await inspiration for. Opportunities will arise.



I know that 'ocean patina' very well. • I'm over here in Portland – where on the coast are you?

Pacific City, a quaint little drinking village with a fishing problem..