Animal Portrait | Rhinoceros Hornbill

in #photography2 years ago

The rhinoceros hornbill is the state bird of the Malaysian state of Sarawak.


Some Dayak people, especially the Ibanic groups, believe it to be the chief of worldly birds or the supreme worldly bird, and its statue is used to welcome the god of the augural birds, Sengalang Burong, to the feasts and celebrations of humankind. Read more at en.wikipedia Rhinoceros hornbill



All images published in this post are my original work
Taken with:
Camera: Canon EOS 6D
Lens: EF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM


Peu nama nyoe nye bahasa Aceh? hehe

Nyan hana lon tupeu

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Fabulous capture! Very interesting!