Sea wharf

in #photography3 years ago

Тhe sea wrapped around me, and she was gasping panting. In desert endless I walked toward you: no rain rains me, nor wind bloweth to me. But I sink now into this son, a very blue ocean, which my wounds with magical power heals. Each moment loneliness and longing, every dream, every pain in you, every joy was worth. I waited for the blink, the happiest moment: two eyes in the blue are enveloping me and grooming. And they burn me not in the ghost of daylight, But with tender tenderness and warm love, they light me. Ocean or fire are your blue eyes, or port last for the ship wanderer? Shut up, my hard love, keep quiet! For our bodies let the lips are now insatiable.


ahh... that shot really makes me feel happy... thanks a lot... which camera have you use?