Thrush Eggs Turned to Little Birds (Own Photos)

in #photography4 years ago

Hello Steemians! This spring when I visited my granny. She lives in a village near the forest. When I was there I decided to clean the yard. When I threw all dry grass out of the yard, cut down some trees and bushes, I saw a nest. At first I thought it was an abandoned nest, but when I came closer, I noticed five blue small eggs. They were so beautiful! 

I thought that mother bird must be somewhere near so I left the eggs alone. Later I tried to spy on the nest, I noticed that the bird was there with the eggs.

I visited my granny in two weeks again. Of course, I wanted to see what became to the eggs. You know what? I saw three little birds. There were five eggs in the nest but only three birds were alive.

Two guys:)

They were so funny! And they could fly. I didn't find eggshell in the nest, I suppose the threw it out. In two days the birds flew away because they were big and strong enough. 

The third one

Hope you like my post.

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Wow! Never seen such bright colored eggs! Where you from?

Nice shots!

Must have been a great thing to witness.

Thank you, @ocrdu. Those little birds were soooooo sweet!

A lot of species produce offspring in numbers in order to account for the heavy losses nature causes. It is just life, even for some humans in poor parts of the world.

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