Beautiful Swiss Mountain Picture #4 ^^

in #photography4 years ago


Made this foto in the swiss mountain with my friend and myself^^, feel free to comment your thoughts and suggestion and have a nice day! :D


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ok thanks for the infos then lol

Really a lovely, well balanced photo,

Hello @vlone99 ,nice to meet you !

Nice picture ,congratulations !

I've just followed and upvoted your post , please be kind to follow me @braveheart22 as well , we rest connected ,follow my next posts,

thank you !

With love ,

your @braveheart22


Thanks dawg :D

no follow -> no follow ;)

A beautiful picture is a wonderful job

thank you very much @suikka

Nice location for vacancy ÷)

Nice to meet you. It is a wonderful landscape.
I vote

hi @vlone99 daily your photos are beautifuls appload more and more

haha thanks dawg really appriciate that @osamos :D

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Beautiful ...

thanks :D

That is probably a great ski slope for someone, definitely not I. Upvoted. Please note, I am still learning this platform and I just follow you. I would have done it earlier but I'm slow. Have a nice day.

Wonderful! I feel like I can breathe that fresh air.

Yes i love the fresh air here in the mountains, its out of this world :D

This is such a beautiful photograph. Visiting Switzerland is a dream for me. I have travelled to some parts of Europe. This is definitely on my bucket list :)

Thanks for sharing this @vlone99

Switzerland is a beautiful place to visit, but very very expensive. I hope you can visit this country once its really a must to, thank you very much fot the kind words and have a wonderfull day @baconbaba :D

Wow amazing place.

Thanksss :D

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Thanks for upvote and follow. I like your pictures from the swiss mountains, it´s beautiful!

Wow nice pic :)

Looks very peaceful. I need some of that!

wow. Beautiful!

Thank you very much @chili123 :D

Thanks for stv.....


i LOVE switzerland. that part of Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Lichtenstein is so beautiful. i particularly love the Tyrol region.