Trip Archipelago casual concept cinematic effects on photoshop cc

Hello everyone is a photography lover!

on this occasion I want to try to edit some photos I took from a few weeks ago when shooting a casual model costume, the concept of one is a very simple concept with a very simple makeup but with a very charming appearance, have you all done that simple shoot?of course I am a very interesting thing for the photography people to try some of these simple experiences, with the appearance of the style I choose this time I hope all photography friends are interested and enjoy some variations of the edited model that I show.

choosing the concept for shooting is not easy, because the ideas and thoughts that we must meet to get the style that appeals to many people, with the appeal of many people of course the concept we give will be considered successful in photography, is this a challenge for a photographer? The answer is certainly yes, for a photographer for the field of style and model is of course the most important concept in the same way as travel photographer and explore nature that takes speed at the time of shooting and done by netgeo wild team that connect one shot for taking photos outside ordinary.

Hopefully a steemit friend likes and enjoys my work this one, thank you.

so much for this time stay tuned content tricks and photography tips from me, see you next time!

thank you for visiting hopefully useful do not forget find me on cahnnel :




I love this photo and the effects, great work, my friend😍

great focus of the lady

Nice photography. I think the best retouch is when u cant see if the photography got retouch or not. Really nice work!

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